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IF2020 04.09.2020

Amazing One Policy Place team shows us a beautiful example of how we can pass the hardest obstacles when we believe in things via organizing the largest-ever virtual policy event during these hard times. Bringing together 2,000 people: policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs and experts from across the globe, IF2020 is combining the traditional cultural aspects of a festival with high-level policy discussions focused on the Green Deal, digital transition, and Recovery Plan in order to discuss and present solutions to today’s societal challenges. The festival features a session hosted by Google on AI in Europe and an IBM Computer Scientist will present a short film. The Founder of a Brussels-based startup, LucidWeb will also introduce "LucidAREurope", a New Citizen Engagement Tool to Promote the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) using Augmented Reality. As ETRO we are also proud to be a part of this event with our two ongoing projects:
1. TRM (Transient Radar Method) - Prof. Dr. Johan Stiens, Tuesday 8th September - 13.00-14.00, "Building beyond buildings - the Renovation Wave and its role towards a greener European construction sector."
2. Fake News Detection - Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Deligiannis, Tuesday 8th September - 14.15-14.45, "Make News Great Again: How Algorithms can Break the Fake."

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Tackling Climate Change with Smart Agriculture and Earth Observation Technology 18.08.2020

Climate change with extreme weather conditions in the form of natural disaster such as flooding, drought, forest fire, etc. poses great threat in losses in monetary terms as well as human lives. About 50% of global habitable land are farmlands. Greenhouse gases related to agricultural activities has a close tie with climate change. Sustainable agricultural management methods are vital to tackle greenhouse gases and to provide a greener environment for future generations. A newly selected E+ CBHE project AgriSAT/Innovative curriculum in smart AGRIculture through SATellite and remote sensing data in SEA aims at developing novel curriculum focusing on smart agriculture, IoT, latest Earth Observation technology and local farmer participation in developing countries. The newly selected EU project has a total budget of about €1 million, is coordinated by Dr Jonathan C-W Chan (Guest Prof and researcher at ETRO) with 7 SEA partners from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos and 4 European partners from Spain, Croatia, Poland and Germany.

Nanoscale vibrations work! 17.07.2020

Professor Ronnie Willaert, the team of Professor Hichem Sahli (ETRO) and their international team characterised this cellular nanomotion pattern using a classic optical microscope equipped with a video camera.

An optical nanomotion detection method developed at Vrije Universiteit Brussel with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland shows that living yeast cells exhibit specific nanometre-scale cell movement. Professor Ronnie Willaert and his international team characterised this cellular nanomotion pattern using a classic optical microscope equipped with a video camera. Willaert and Sahli : “By automating cell recognition using a deep-learning algorithm, you can eliminate manual cell detection, expand the number of analysed cells and reduce the processing time.” The simplicity of the technique paves the way for numerous applications, including antifungal and antibiotic susceptibility testing or even the search for living organisms in space. The method was published in the renowned journal Science Advances.

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“Toll-Based Learning for Minimising Congestion under Heterogeneous Preferences”

In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, AAMAS 2020

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“ORVAL: a novel platform for the prediction and exploration of disease-causing oligogenic variant combinations”

In Nucleic Acids Research

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“Visual Quality Analysis of Judder Effect on Head Mounted Displays”

In 27th European Signal Processing Conference

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“A 145GHz FMCW-Radar Transceiver in 28nm CMOS”

In Digest of technical papers - IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference

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“Cloud-Based Acoustic Beamforming Emulator for FPGA-Based Sound Source Localization”

In 4th international conference on cloud computing technologies and applications

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Seminar by Prof Bart Jansen and MD PhD. Johnny Duerinck

Online Seminar: Surgical Augmented Reality Assistance (SARA) for neurosurgical ...

Head-worn Augmented Reality devices have been appearing on the market since 2015 and have the potential to ...

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La caméra qui détecte l'invisible pour l'homme

Le Soir


Imec toont tech voor de toekomst (Holografie, hdr-conversie, organs-on-a-chip)

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