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Whoop whoop for Esther, Boris, Angel and Chiara! 21.10.2020

VUB scored 20 scholarships out of 200 FWO scholarships awarded in Flanders, 4 ETRO PhD students obtained FWO scholarship funding for 2 years!
Hereunder the list of PhD students and the title of their research.
Esther Rodrigo Bonet (prom. N. Deligiannis): Explainable Physics-guided Deep Learning for Air Pollution Inference
Boris Joukovsky (prom. N. Deligiannis): Interpretable and Explainable Deep Learning for Video Processing
Angel Sole Morillo (prom. J. Stiens): Robustified multi-functional photoplethysmography (PPG) monitoring system for continuous vital signs detection: A Global Health challenge
Chiara Rossi (prom. J. Van Schependom): Unravelling cognitive functioning in healthy and multiple sclerosis through the analysis of transiently bursting brain networks at milliseconds time scale.

Prof. Piet Wambacq promoted to imec Fellow. 09.10.2020

Piet Wambacq has recently been promoted to imec Fellow. This position is the scientific equivalent of a vice president and it is given to those people that have a significant impact on the R&D strategy of imec across different research domains, while being recognized as an authority both in- and outside imec. Piet is active in analog, radio frequency and millimeter-wave integrated circuit design in various technologies (CMOS, BiCMOS, III-V) while he is also one of the driving forces behind research at imec on device and packaging technology for 5G and future 6G wireless communication systems and for mm-wave radar and sensing.

IF2020 04.09.2020

Amazing One Policy Place team shows us a beautiful example of how we can pass the hardest obstacles when we believe in things via organizing the largest-ever virtual policy event during these hard times. Bringing together 2,000 people: policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs and experts from across the globe, IF2020 is combining the traditional cultural aspects of a festival with high-level policy discussions focused on the Green Deal, digital transition, and Recovery Plan in order to discuss and present solutions to today’s societal challenges. The festival features a session hosted by Google on AI in Europe and an IBM Computer Scientist will present a short film. The Founder of a Brussels-based startup, LucidWeb will also introduce "LucidAREurope", a New Citizen Engagement Tool to Promote the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) using Augmented Reality. As ETRO we are also proud to be a part of this event with our two ongoing projects:
1. TRM (Transient Radar Method) - Prof. Dr. Johan Stiens, Tuesday 8th September - 13.00-14.00, "Building beyond buildings - the Renovation Wave and its role towards a greener European construction sector."
2. Fake News Detection - Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Deligiannis, Tuesday 8th September - 14.15-14.45, "Make News Great Again: How Algorithms can Break the Fake."

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“Message-Based Communication for Heterogeneous Internet of Things Systems”

In Sensors

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“A 22.5-27.7-GHz Fast-Lock Bang-Bang Digital PLL in 28-nm CMOS for Millimeter-Wave Communication with 220-fs RMS Jitter”

In 45th IEEE European Solid State Circuits Conference, ESSCIRC 2019

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“Leveraging the Deep Learning Paradigm for Continuous Affect Estimation from Facial Expressions”

In IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing

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“Designing CNNs for Multimodal Image Super-Resolution via the Method of Multipliers”

In 28th European Signal Processing Conference

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“A 10.56Gbit/s, -27.8dB EVM Polar Transmitter at 60GHz in 28nm CMOS”

In 2020 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC)

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La caméra qui détecte l'invisible pour l'homme

Le Soir


Imec toont tech voor de toekomst (Holografie, hdr-conversie, organs-on-a-chip)

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