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A list of events ETRO is organizing or participating in.

Upcoming Events


Lecture by Prof Robert Calderbank

Inaugural lecture: REMEMBERING SHANNON Prof. Dr. Robert Calderbank

Prof. Calderbank is professor of Electrical Engineering at Duke University where he now directs the Information Initiative at Duke (iiD) after serving as Dean of Natural ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Wagdy Gaber

CMOS Current-Based RF IQ Digital Transmitters

In the era of internet of things (IOT)s, machine to machine and 5th generation (5G) mobile communications, several hundred thousands of simultaneous connections with ...

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Seminar by Prof Robert Calderbank

Recent Developments in Quantum Computing

If we look back at 1946, a computer was essentially a physics experiment, and the same is true of quantum computers today. Peter Shor showed that if a quantum computer ...

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Recent Phd Defences

Passed - EVENTS


PhD Defense by Mr Gokarna Pandey

Ultra-sensitive millimeter wave sensor for material ...

Materials are characterized by their properties such as moisture content, ice ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Hans Ingelberts

Efficient CMOS Sensors for sub-nanosecond gated ...

Fluorescence imaging is a powerful technique with ever increasing importance in ...

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PhD Defense by Mr. Yuchen Zhang

Waveguide based Millimeter wave liquid sensors

In the frequency range from 30 to 300 GHz, the response of liquid ...

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PhD Defense by Mrs Selma Yilmazyildiz

Semantic-Free Affective Speech Framework for Social ...

Recent developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Jan Hanca

Lightweight image and video compression

Ranging from surveillance and environmental tracking to healthcare monitoring ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Evangelos Zimos

Aggregation and Recovery Methods for Heterogeneous Data In ...

Recent advances on sensing hardware, wireless communications, cloud computing ...

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