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Master theses

Current and past ideas and concepts for Master Theses.

Design of a Multi-Modal IoT System for the IoT


Co-promotor: An Braeken

Internet of things (IoT) applications can have challenging requirements or possibly have to perform in interference-rich environments. The multitude of wireless communication technologies allow us to envision a dynamic solution: a multi-modal system. This is a system that can use multiple comm technologies to communicate, and that dynamically switches between these technologies.

Integrating multiple technologies and having applications pick the most suitable one leads to an increase in complexity. Switching intelligently requires the consideration of energy consumption of each technology, the effects of switching, a good strategy to switch and overall efficiency.

We would use en existing wireless platform and expand it with a second radio technology. Your task would be the selection of suitable communication options. An example would be the use of a licensed technology (like NB-IoT) and a technology in the unlicensed spectrum (like IEEE 802.15.4). You will also implement a strategy for switching back and forth between and perform an analyses of the energy consumption and the efficiency.

For a similar system, please read "An Energy-Efficient Multi-Modal IoT System Leveraging NB-IoT and BLE" by S. Basu et al.

Kind of work

Selecting suitable communication technologies and platforms.
Designing and implementing a strategy to switch between the technologies.
Analyses of the energy use and efficiency of the designed system.

Framework of the Thesis

In our research we cooperate with industry partners interested in novel IoT solutions.

Number of Students


Expected Student Profile

Good programming skills
Possibly some hardware skills


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