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Serious Games as a Tool in Cognitive Therapy


Serious games and gamification are becoming a standard part of rehabilitation and therapy. Their benefits are seen mostly in increasing the motivation of a patient, adherence to the therapy, as well as the engagement and enjoyment of the rehabilitation process.
Serious games and gamification principles are used in physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Serious games in cognitive therapy can be focused on therapy after an injury, therapy of patients with the specific neurological disease, aging population, etc. Various skills can be trained and challenged with therapy games, e.g., problem solving, planning, reasoning, speech therapy, memory, reaction time, etc.

Kind of work

1. A literature study. The student should find relevant scientific articles discussing cognitive therapy and use of serious games in cognitive therapy or mental/brain training. It is up to the student to decide and justify which specific use he or she finds most promising, and which specific area or therapy seems to be most crucial/has the biggest potential.

2. Design an engaging therapy game. The core part of this thesis is software development of the serious game (or games) used as a part of cognitive therapy. The student will design, implement, and test a serious game. The emphasis is on user-centered design and usability of the game in the therapy. During the gameplay, the designed software should be able to collect therapeutically relevant data.

3. Review & testing. The student will design the test to verify the added value of his serious game. He or she will also conduct the tests and based on collected data he or she will draw conclusions.

Examples of literature resources:

Expected Student Profile

- Interest in serious gaming, scientific research and learning new skills.
- Good programming skills.


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