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Master theses

Current and past ideas and concepts for Master Theses.

Augmented Reality for Medicine


This thesis focuses on developing next generation computer-assisted surgery (CAS), including technology for surgical planning, guidance during surgical procedures and training for surgical procedures. CAS relies to a large extent on per-operative visualisation of pre-operative imaging or an extracted patient model, enhanced with surgical planning information such as cutting lines, approach angles or tumor resection boundaries. Such visualisations exist today on wall-mounted screens in the OR, but are limited (2D/3D, insufficient overlays, …).
You will investigate approaches for overcoming these limitations by using Augmented Reality as a modality to overlay 3D rendering of medical imaging together with planning information on top of the real patient’s anatomy. In more detail, you will study context-aware visualisation of medical data, dealing with automatically adapting the information being shown to the surgeon based on the context, consisting of the kind of surgery, the vitals of the patient, the status of the surgery

Kind of work

The thesis will consist of the following steps:
(1) Review of related literature
(2) Design of visualisation methods for Hololens
(3) Experimental Validation
(4) Thesis writing

Framework of the Thesis

You will use the Unity Game Engine and program it with C#

Number of Students



Prof. Dr. Bart Jansen

+32 (0)2 629 1034

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