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A list of events ETRO is organizing or participating in.

Upcoming Events


PhD Defense by Mr Evangelos Zimos

Aggregation and Recovery Methods for Heterogeneous Data In IoT Applications

Recent advances on sensing hardware, wireless communications, cloud computing and data analysis have powered intelligent data acquisition systems, equipped with smart ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Jan Hanca

Lightweight image and video compression

Ranging from surveillance and environmental tracking to healthcare monitoring and industrial supervision, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have proven to be a useful ...

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Recent Phd Defences

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PhD Defense by Mr Qixian Shi

CMOS mm-Wave Frequency Synthesis for Communication and ...

This PhD thesis focuses on the frequency synthesis blocks for millimeter wave ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Trong Huynh Bao

Design-technology co-optimization of vertical ...

For sub-20nm CMOS technology generations, conventional transistor and ...

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PhD Defense by Miss Tingting Liu

Demystification of hidden Markov Models: on ...

Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) are models based on unknown, hidden states for ...

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Seminar by Dr. Spiros Louvros

Cloud RAN & IoT on the 5G era - Vendor's ...

In the era of forthcoming 5G technology, there are many diverse factors and ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Barend Van Liempd

Tunable RF Front-End Circuits

Driven by the end-user's insatiable thirst for increased data ...

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Seminar by Prof Jef Vandemeulebroucke

VUB Biomedical Technology Day: Seminars and master thesis ...

On Wednesday 19 April 2017, the VUB Biomedical Technology Day will take place ...

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