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An overview of the recent news about ETRO.

Latest - NEWS

First prize for the best poster for Eowyn van Wittenberghe! 08.06.2017

During the VUB Doctoral School Day of Doctoral School of Natural Sciences and (Bioscience) Engineering (NSE) Ir. Eowyn van Wittenberghe received the first prize for the best poster of faculty of Engineering of VUB for her work on: In-vehicle Biofeedback Device to Reduce Stress.
Promoters: Prof. Johan Stiens (ETRO-IR) and Prof. Yori Gidron (Centre for Neuroscience, VUB and University of Lille, France)

Say-it: Your computer as your Speech Therapist 27.04.2017

Lukas Latacz was interviewed about the spin-off Say-it. A tool is developed jointly by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University. Via an online application, patients perform speech exercises and through well-developed algorithms, they get thorough feedback. As such, it allows them to practice independently, which enriches the sessions with speech therapists.
Two prototypes are being tested by hundreds of speech therapists in Flanders and the Netherlands at the moment and plans exist to commercialize the tool and research how to expand its possibilities in other languages.

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Minh Duc Nguyen obtained the Solvay Award 2015 23.10.2016

Minh Duc Nguyen obtained the Solvay Award 2015 for his MSc thesis entitled “Stereo Depth Estimation with Inter-view Consistencies”. The promotor of Duc’s MSc thesis is Adrian Munteanu. Jan Hanca and Shao-Ping Lu are thesis advisers.
The awards ceremony was organized by the International Solvay Institutes during a grandiose Solvay Public Event at the Flagey building in Brussels. The event involved panel discussions and plenary talks given by distinguished scientists and Nobel prize laureates in chemistry.
Obtaining the Solvay prize involves a very strong competition with brilliant students in chemistry, physics, biochemistry and engineering. Congratulations to Duc for this outstanding result!

Selected as Editors’ Pick: Joint ETRO-Structural Biology Brussels publication 09.09.2016

A joint ETRO - Structural Biology Brussels publication (Lectin-Glycan Interaction Network-Based Identification of Host Receptors of Microbial Pathogenic Adhesins has been selected as Editors’ Pick of the mBio journal. It is featured as “Bioinformatic approach identifies receptors that pathogens use to attach to host cells” on the front page of the mBio journal website (see the “current issue” tab at

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The Sound of Chocolate wins Make.Brussels: 30000 eur to realise the project 31.05.2016

With this project Felipe Reinoso Carvalho (ETRO-VUB), Peter Passos and Elien Haentjens want to revitalize the neighborhood of Sablon, by bringing together creative people from the most different fields: musicians, chocolatiers and scientists. Together, they’ll develop an innovative experience which is based on research that explores the influence that music can have on taste.

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Best student paper award @ SPIE Photonics Europe conference for Athanasia Symeonidou 15.04.2016

Athanasia Symeonidou, ETRO second year PhD student, has received the "Best student paper award" of the "Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Imaging Applications" conference at SPIE Photonics Europe which took place in Brussels in April 2016. Her publication entitled "Speckle noise reduction for computer generated holograms of objects with diffuse surfaces" included ETRO researchers David Blinder, Ayyoub Ahar, Colas Schretter, Adrian Munteanu and Peter Schelkens as co-authors.

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iMinds High-Tech Visualization Lab officially open 18.03.2016

The 140m2 lab has been constructed within the scope of the iMinds “High-Tech Visualization” strategic program. The lab has been officially opened with an event in which the iMinds teams showed their recent advances and proof-of-concepts towards important industry players such as Barco and Nokia. The lab hosts a Holografika autostereoscopic light-field display which is able to display multiview content over more than 70 degrees. In addition, to enable research on curved screen projections the lab holds a 120x240cm curved projection surface. Research on high-dynamic range imaging is supported by a SIM2 HDR monitor which is able to produce more than 6000 nits brightness. Finally, a visual sensor network is being constructed in the lab in order to investigate distributed visual data processing. The lab is located in the ETRO offices at Pleinlaan 9.

Other News

Dr. Jonathan C-W Chan chairs a special session “Spatial Enhancement of Hyperspectral data and Applications” in the 8th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing. 03.03.2016

In the upcoming WHISPERS 2016 (8th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing), 21-24 August, Los Angeles, Jonathan will chair a special session on “Spatial Enhancement of Hyperspectral data and Applications”. With the growing importance of hyperspectral remote sensing and the increasing demand on high definition data for new applications, the topic has received more and more attention each year. This session is soliciting 5 papers for an oral session. In case of more papers, a double session or a poster session will be organized. Full papers must be submitted by March 15 for peer review (4 pages, IEEE format, can be extended to 5 pages with last page including only references).

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Highlight of 2015: elected by the Journal of Optics! Awesome! 29.02.2016

The article: Coupled TM surface plasmon features of graphene-metal layered structure in the sub-THz frequency range has been selected by the editors of the Journal of Optics as a Highlight of 2015.

This award acknowledges the forementioned article for its high novelty, scientific impact and broad appeal.

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Dr. Jonathan C-W Chan was invited by DAAD for a science tour 15.02.2016

The Science Tour 2016 is part of the “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas” campaign initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to strengthen and expand R&D collaboration between Germany and international partners. Jonathan was among the international scientists from 16 different countries around the globe invited to discuss current developments with regard to future urban development and to define common areas of interest as starting points for future cooperation.

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Imec And VUB Present 60GHz CMOS Chip 04.02.2016

At the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC2016), nanoelectronics research centre Imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) presented a four-antenna path beamforming transceiver for 60GHz multi Gb/s communication in 28nm CMOS technology.

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Special Session: Big data analytics driven by Internet-of-Things technologies: Big things have small beginnings 18.01.2016

The exponential growth in data generation and network traffic created by Internet-of-Things deployments requires new architectures for large-scale data sensing, communication, storage, manipulation, processing and analysis. Big data analysis offers the possibility of increased efficiency by valorizing valuable insights: patterns, tendencies, models, thus generating the need for extreme computing capabilities.

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Well done! Three ETRO candidates obtain 4 year scholarship from IWT 18.12.2015

Nathalie Fievet (prom. J. Stiens), Evgenia (Jenny) Papavasileiou (Prom. B. Jansen) and Robin Deleener (Prom M. Kuijk) have scored very well and will obtain an IWT scholarship from Jan. 2016 till Dec. 2019. Great job!

Certificate of Appreciation for ETRO valorization of 3D-TOF technology 14.12.2015

Vrije Universiteit Brussel held a ceremony on the 4th of December 2015 to award its first Certificate of Appreciation to Optrima/SoftKinetic, a 3D Sensor innovator and a very successful VUB spin-off. The award is a token of recognition of the contribution, quality work, and dedication in promoting and valorising VUB's technological excellence around the globe. In October 2015, Sony announced the acquisition of SoftKinetic Systems.

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Award for Outstanding European Paper for Pedro Paro! 01.12.2015

Pedro Paro, PhD. student at ETRO, received the ISSCC 2015 Jan Van Vessem Award for Outstanding European Paper, for the paper entitled "A Transmitter with 10b 128MS/s Incremental-Charge-Based DAC Achieving -155dBc/Hz Out-of-Band Noise". The Award will be presented at ISSCC 2016 on February 1st.
ISSCC, the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, is the flagship conference of the Solid-State Circuits Society, and is the premier forum for the presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip.

Professor Piet Wambacq: new chair of the RF committee of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 01.12.2015

Piet Wambacq, professor at ETRO, has become the new chair of the RF committee of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). This prestigious conference is the flagship of the Solid-State Circuits Society, and is the premier forum for the presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip. The coming edition of ISSCC is from January 31, 2016 to February 4, 2016 in San Francisco.

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VUB-NPU Joint AVSP Research Group has won the AV+EC 2015 Emotion Challenge Prize 30.10.2015

AV+EC is a competition event aimed at comparing multimedia processing and machine learning methods for automatic Audio/Visual/Physiological Emotion Analysis and Recognition. The prize was awarded at the ACM MM workshop 2015 in Brisbane, Australia

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