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“Homo Roboticus: 30 vragen en antwoorden over mens, robot & artificiële intelligentie”

“Elliptic Curve Qu-Vanstone Based Signcryption Schemes with Proxy Re-encryption for Secure Cloud Data Storage”, in Cloud Computing and Big Data: Technologies, Applications and Security


“Deep Learning in Gesture Recognition Based on sEMG Signals”, in Learning Approaches in Signal Processing

“NRGcoin—A Blockchain-based Reward Mechanism for Both Production and Consumption of Renewable Energy”, in Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains


“Bridging the Gap between Life and Physics”

“Distributed Data Aggregation and Compression for 5G Virtual RAN IoT Sensor Applications”, in 5G Radio Access Networks: Centralized RAN, Cloud-RAN and Virtualization of Small Cells

“5G Virtual RAN uplink cell planning cross layer design to support massive Sensor Network Services”, in 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) - Centralized RAN, Cloud-RAN and Virtualization of Small Cells

“MEMS microphones for wireless applications”, in Wireless MEMS Networks and Applications

“Bio-chemical Process Monitoring with Terahertz Sensors”, in THz for CBRN and Explosives' Detection and Diagnosis 2017

“Anomaly Detection in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Environments: Latest Technologies”, in Anomaly Detection in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Environments: Latest Technologies

“THz wave sensing at ETRO-VUB: beyond conventional limits”, in THz wave sensing at ETRO-VUB: beyond conventional limits

“A Flexible Numerical Framework for Engineering - A Response Surface Modelling Application”, in Advanced Structured Materials


“Rejuvenating (and aging) the Ghissi Altarpiece”, in Reunited: An art historical and digital adventure

“IP and European Space Pilots: Case Studies”


“Advanced Ultrawideband Radar: Signals, Targets, and Applications: Chapter 6. Non-destructive testing of aeronautics composite structures using UWB radars”, in CRC Press


“Detection of Interaction with Depth Sensing and Body Tracking Cameras in Physical Rehabilitation”, in ICTs for Improving Patients Rehabilitation Research Techniques

“Validation of the Balance BoardTM for Clinical Evaluation of Balance Through Different Conditions”, in ICTs for Improving Patients Rehabilitation Research Techniques

“Data Transmission at Millimeter Waves: Exploiting the 60 GHz Band on Silicon”


“Integration of Exergames and Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Children”, in Handbook on Cerebral Palsy

“Virtual Restoration and Mathematical Analysis of Pearls in the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”, in Het Lam Gods Series of Lectures

“Embedded Web Technologies for the Internet of Things”, in Internet of Things: Challenges and Opportunities

“GaN-based Semiconductor Devices: Theoretical Study of the Electronic and Optoelectronic Characterization”

“Performance and Resource Modeling for FPGAs using High-Level Synthesis tools”, in Parallel Computing: Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)

“Acoustic Conditioning of the C.S.A. Tabacalera, Madrid”

“The production process during the Tropicalia Movement (brazilian popular music)”


“A Biosemiotic View on Consciousness Derived from System Hierarchy”, in The Unity of Mind, Brain and World

“A Framework for Computing Like Nature”, in Computing Nature

“Nonparametric: Demons, Diffusion, and Viscous-Fluid Approaches”, in Image Processing in Radiation Therapy

“Intensity-Based Deformable Registration: Introduction and Overview”, in 4D Modeling and Estimation of Respiratory Motion for Radiation Therapy

“Hypervolume-based Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning”, in Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization (EMO 2013)

“Performance and Programming Environment of a Combined GPU/FPGA Desktop”, in Transition of HPC Towards Exascale Computing


“Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications II”

“Closing the Gap between Life and Physics”, in Information Processing in Cells and Tissues

“Towards Cross-Modeling between Life and Solid StatePhysics”, in Integral Biomathics

“Reinforcement Learning for Self-Organizing Wake-Up Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks”, in Agents and Artificial Intelligence

“Local Coordination in Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems”, in Multi-Agent Systems

“Game Theory and Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning”, in Reinforcement Learning: State-of-the-Art

“Solving sparse delayed coordination problems in multi-agent reinforcement learning”, in Adaptive Learning Agents

“THz bio-chemical sensing capabilities with high performance SIW based sensor on nL-volume liquids in capillary tubes”, in Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation: Detection of Explosives and CBRN (Using Terahertz)


“Image Analysis: Intermediate-Level Vision”, in Optical Digital Image Processing

“Optimized Scalable Wavelet-based Codec Designs for Semi-regular Meshes”, in Advances in Wavelet Theory and Their Applications in Engineering, Physics and Technology

“Audio Visual Emotion Recognition Based on DBN Models”, in Journal Computer Simulation

“On-Chip Living-Cell Microarrays for Network Biology”, in Bioinformatics - Trends and Methodologies

“Scale-Space Representations for Gray-Scale and Color Images”, in Optical and Digital Image Processing – Fundamentals & Application

“Correlation Noise Estimation in Distributed Video Coding”, in Effective Video Coding for Multimedia Applications

“Digital Image and Video Compression”, in Optical and Digital Image Processing - Fundamentals and Applications

“Divide-and-Conquer Decorrelation for Hyperspectral Data Compression”, in Satellite Data Compression

“Optical and Digital Image Processing: Fundamentals and Applications”

“2011 18th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2011)”

“3rd International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX)”

“Deterministic and Probabilistic Active Contour Models for Medical Image Segmentation”

“A Methodological Framework to Quantify Anthropogenic Effects on Landscape Patterns”, in Ecological Research Monographs

“When are Graphical Causal Models not Good Models?”, in Causality in the Sciences

“Novel Semiconductor Based Devices for Detection and Generation of CO2 Laser Radiation”


“Modeling Wavelet Coefficients for Wavelet Subdivision Transforms of 3D Meshes”, in ADVANCED CONCEPTS FOR INTELLIGENT VISION SYSTEMS

“Compensating for motion estimation inaccuracies in distributed video coding”, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science

“Compression Formats for HD Recording and Production”, in High-Quality Visual Experience: creation, processing and interactivity of high-resolution and high-dimensional video signals

“Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications”

“Infrared thermo-electric photodetectors”, in Laser Pulse phenomena and applications

“Secure Techniques for Remote Reconfiguration of Wireless Embedded Systems”, in Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing: Evolving Technologies and Ubiquitous Impacts

“Application of Learning Automata for Stochastic Online Scheduling”, in 1st

“Decentralized Learning in Wireless Sensor Networks”, in Adaptive and Learning Agents post-proceedings

“Multi-Agent Systems and Large State Spaces”, in Agent and Multi-agent Technology for Internet and Enterprise Systems

“A fifth-order 880MHz/1.76GHz active lowpass filter for 60GHz communications in 40nm digital CMOS”, in Conference proceedings of European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC)

“Power Issues and Energy Scavenging in Mobile Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks”, in Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing: Evolving Technologies and Ubiquitous Impacts


“A Nonlinear Probabilistic Curvature Motion Filter for Positron Emission Tomography Images”, in Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision

“Anomaly Detection in Medical Image Analysis”, in Handbook of Research on Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Applications

“Modeling Attention and Perceptual Grouping to Salient Objects”, in Attention in Cognitive Systems, Lecture Notes In Artificial Intelligence Vol. 5395

“Digital recording of performing arts: formats and conversion”, in Access to Archives of Performing Arts Multimedia

“Conformance Testing, Reference Software, and Implementations”, in The JPEG 2000 Suite

“JP3D - Extensions for Three-Dimensional Data (Part 10)”, in The JPEG 2000 Suite

“Ongoing Standardization Efforts”, in The JPEG 2000 Suite

“The JPEG 2000 Suite”

“Compound Image File Format (Part 6)”, in The JPEG 2000 Suite

“Image Quality Assessment Based on Multi-scale Geometric Analysis”, in Lecture Notes In Computer Science Vol. 5716, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing

“A Difference in What?”, in General Systems Bulletin

“Multi-layer Traffic Engineering (MTE) in Grooming Enabled ASON/GMPLS Networks”, in LNCS 5412

“Software Tools and Methods for Research and Education in Optical Networks”, in LNCS 5412


“Applying open-loop coding in predictive coding systems”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, ACIVS 2008, Juan-les-Pins, France

“Multiple Description Coding: State-of-the-art and recent developments”, in Recent Advances in Applied Signals, Systems and Image Processing

“Accurate Visual Speech Synthesis Based on Diviseme Unit Selection and Concatenation”, in 10th IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP2008), Cairns, Queensland, Australia

“Multimodal Unit Selection for 2D Audiovisual Text-to-Speech Synthesis”, in Proceedings of the 5th international workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction

“A Biomechanical Model for Image-Based Estimation of 3D Face Deformations”, in 33rd IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP08) ,Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A

“Infrared thermography for landmine detection”, in Augmented Vision Perception in Infrared

“Region-Oriented Visual Attention Framework for Activity Detection”, in Attention in Cognitive Systems

“Alles wat je altijd al wou weten over HDTV..”, in Masterfiles

“Mosaicing of Fibered Fluorescence Microscopy Video”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

“Estimating the Detectability of Small Lesions in High Resolution MR Compressed Images”, in Image Analysis and Recognition

“An Implementation of Multiple Region-of-Interest Models in H.264/AVC”, in Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing

“Automatische Nachsynchronisierung von Dialogen - Vorstellung einer ADR-Softwarelösung”, in Automatische Nachsynchronisierung von Dialogen - Vorstellung einer ADR-Softwarelösung

“SPECTRAL TRANSITION FEATURES IN DYSARTHRIC SPEECH”, in 5th International Workshop - Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications

“Bi-Sapient Structures for Intelligent Control”, in Toward Artificial Sapience

“De watertoren: een integratief project voor toekomstige ingenieurs”, in Onderwijsvernieuwing: een continu proces

“Onderwijsvernieuwing: een continu proces”, in 1

“Ricerca di processo ed esito su bambini con gravi problemi e le loro famiglie nelle Fiandre: la promozione di un metodo misto”, in Conoscere i bisogni e valutare l'efficacia degli interventi per bambini, ragazzi e famiglie in difficoltà

“Process-outcome research with severe troubled children and their families in Flanders : pleading for a mixed-method model”, in Assessing the " evidence-base" of intervention for vulnerable children and their children

“Wiskundige basisvaardigheden (2de, herziene en uitgebreide editie)”

“Using Generalized Learning Automata for State Space Aggregation in MAS”, in Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

“Solving Multi-Stage Games with Hierarchical Learning Automata that Bootstrap”, in Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems III. Adaptation and Multi-Agent Learning

“Networks of learning automata and limiting games”, in Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

“Onderwijsvernieuwing: een continu proces”, in Project: bijdragen tot businessplan Halfgeleidercomponenten voor CO2 lasers

“Understanding the interactions of bottom-up and top-down attention for the development of a humanoid robot system”, in Attention in Cognitive Systems, Lecture Notes In Artificial Intelligence Vol. 5395

“Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing”


“The dynamic emergence of categories through imitation”, in Imitation and Social Learning in Robots, Humans and Animals: Behavioural, Social and Communicative Dimensions

“Analysis of the statistical dependencies in the curvelet domain and applications in image compression”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

“On hybrid directional transform-based intra-band image coding”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

“Millimeter wave inspection of concealed objects”, in Microwave and Optical Technology Letters

“Audio Visual Speech Recognition and Segmentation Based on DBN Models”, in Robust Speech Recognition and Understanding

“Audio-video continuous speech recognition and phone segmentation based on dynamic Bayesian network”, in Journal of Computer Applications

“DBN model based on triphone for continuous speech recognition”, in Journal of Computer Applications

“Graph Cuts Approach to MRF Based Linear Feature Extraction in Satellite Images”, in Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications

“Numerical solution to a nonlinear parabolic boundary control problem”, in Advances in Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis

“Research on emotional speech recognition based on pitch”, in Application Research of Computers

“Causal Analysis for Performance Modeling of Computer Programs”

“Unit Selection Synthesis Using Long Non-Uniform Units and Phonemic Identity Matching”, in Proceedings of the 6th ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis (SSW-6), Bonn, Germany

“Probo, a friend for life?”, in Brave New Interfaces - Crosstalks

“Crisishulp aan Huis in Flanders: helping families to thrive”, in Promoting competence in children and families: Scientific perspectives on resilience and vulnerability

“Investigating socio-cultural adult educators: a survey on professionals’ beliefs, experiences, and context”, in The teacher and the teaching profession: Current Research and International issues

“Wiskundige basisvaardigheden”

“Wiskundige basisvaardigheden”

“Distributed 3D Information Visualization, Towards Integration of the dynamic 3D graphics and Web Services”, in Advances in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, International Conferences VISAPP and GRAPP 2006, CCIS 4


“Complexity Scalability in Motion-Compensated Wavelet-Based Video Coding”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

“Performing Deblocking in Video Coding based on Spatial-domain Motion compensated Temporal Filtering”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

“Scalable and Channel-Adaptive Unequal Error Protection of Images with LDPC Codes”, in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

“DBN based models for Audio-Visual Speech Analysis and Recognition”, in Proc. Advances in Multimedia Information Processing – the Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM06), Hangzhou, P.R. China

“Stable Analytic Continuation via Mollification and the Fast Fourier Transform”, in Methods of Complex and Clifford Analysis

“Unsupervised watershed-driven region-based image retrieval”, in IEE Proceedings on Vision, Image and Signal Processing

“Learning Automata as a Basis for Multi Agent Reinforcement Learnin”, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science


“Compression of Volumetric Data in Mobile Health Systems”, in MHealth: Emerging Mobile Health Systems

“A MRF-based approach for the measurement of skin thickness in mammography”, in Medical Image Analysis Methods

“Three-Dimentional Multiscale watershed segmentation of MR images”, in Medical Image Analysis Methods

“Watershed-driven region-based image retrieval”, in Mathematical morphology 40 years on

“Multi-Type ACO for light path protection”, in Learning and Adaptation in MAS

“Learning Automata as a Basis for Multi-Agent ReinforcementLearning”, in Tutorial op ECML

“Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning in Stochastic Single and Multi-Stage Games”, in Adaptive Agents and Multi-agent Systems II

“Proceedings of the Seventeenth Belgium-Netherlands Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC 2005)”

“Proceedings of the Third European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems. (EUMAS 2005)”

“Improving the Performance of Signature-based Network Intrusion Detection Sensors by Multi-threading”, in Information Security Applications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science


“Data Processing for Clutter Characterisation and Removal”, in Ground Penetrating Radar, 2nd Edition

“Deconvolution Techniques”, in Ground Penetrating Radar, 2nd Edition

“EUDEM2: Overview and some early findings”, in Detection of bulk explosive advanced techniques against terrorism

“Virtual Character Definition and Animation within the MPEG-4 Standard”, in 3D Modeling and Animation: Synthesis and Analysis Techniques for the Human Body

“Diffuse Rationality in Complex Systems”, in Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

“Analytische meetkunde en infinitesimaalanalyse oefeningen”

“Evolutionary Game Theory, reinforcement Learning and MAS”, in Course notes for European Agent Summer School 2004

“Multi-type Ant Colony: The Edge Disjoint Path Problem”, in Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence


“Measurement method for two-frequency impedance tomography”, in Zeszyty Naukowe Wydzialu eti Polytechniki Gdanskiej

“Measurements of impedance of dental enamel in low frequency region”, in Annales Academiae Medicae Gedanensis

“Volumetric Image Compression with JPEG 2000”, in IMEC Newsletter

“Inleiding tot matlab”


“A methodology for the derivation of an enhanced set of angular radiation models from broad band and narrow band satellite measurements”, in Space Scientific Research in Belgium, Earth Sciences 1994-2000, Part 1, Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs

“Feasibility Study on the use of Change Detection in available Satellite Imagery for Minefield Detection in the Tete Province of Mozambique”, in Space Scientific Research in Belgium, Earth Sciences 1994-2000, Part 1, Federal Office for Cultural Affairs

“Managing the Sustainable Valorization of Scientific Research: The case of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel”, in Zarzadzanie Finansami klasyczne zasady ? nowoczesne narzedzia, Tom II, Redaktor D. Zarzecki, Uniwersytet Szczecinski

“Energy minimisation methods for static and dynamic curve matching”, in Pattern Recognition and String Matching

“Modeling Audio with Damped Sinusoids Using Total Least Squares”, in Total Least Squares and Errors-in-Variables: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications


“Wavelet Based Lossless Compression of Coronary Angiographic Images”, in 2001 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics

“Hierarchical Segmentation using Dynamics of Multiscale”, in Scale-space and Morphology in Computer Vision

“Multi-dimensional Wavelet Coding - Algorithms and Implementations”

“IP Stack Emulation over ATM”, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science


“Wavelet Based Image Compression for Telemedicine”, in Advanced Infrastructures for Future Healthcare

“Automatic Watershed Segmentation of Color Images”, in Mathematical Morphology and its Applications to Image & Signal Processing

“Half-conductive coupling interconnection technology for digital transmission between CMOS chips”, in Proceedings of the International Interconnect Technology Conference


“Pattern Recognition Experiments for Ultra-Sonic and Radar AP-Mine Detection”, in Sustainable Humanitarian Demining: Trends, Techniques & Technologies

“Potential role of very high resolution optical satellite image pre-processing for product extraction”, in Machine Vision and Advanced Image Processing in Remote Sensing


“Digitale Signaal Processing 4: Multirate DSP, Adaptieve Filters, Real-Time Systemen”

“Localisation and Nonlocality in Computation”, in Information Processing in Cells and Tissues


“A comparative study of topological feature maps versus conventional clustering for (multi-spectral) scene identification in METEOSAT imagery”, in Neuro-computation in Remote Sensing Data Analysis

“OPTSIM: a tool for the design of optical parallel computer architectures”, in Applications of Photonic Technology

“Digitale Signaalprocessing Deel 2: ontwerp en implementatie”

“Optical chip interconnections: economically viable?”, in Applications of Photonic Technologies


“Implementation of multi-dimensional topological feature maps on connectionist hardware”, in Connectionist Computation in Earth Observation, Report of the European Concerted Action COMPARES, EUR 17314 EN

“Multi-dimensional topological feature maps for remote sensing data analysis”, in Connectionist Computation in Earth Observation, Report of the European Concerted Action COMPARES, EUR 17314 EN

“Digitale Signaalprocessing Deel 1: basistechnieken”


“Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Techniques for Prosodic Modification of Speech”, in CH 15 in: W.B. Kleijn, K.K. Paliwal, Speech Synthesis and Coding, Elsevier Science, 519-555, Elsevier Science

“Autoadaptive cloud identification in Meteosat images”, in SP-1183


“Cloud detection in Multi-Spectral NOAA-AVHRR data using Multi-Layer Perceptrons: a pilot study”, in Space Scientific Research in Belgium, Earth Observation Part 1, Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs

“Meteosat Image Compression using the Wavelet Transform”, in Space Scientific Research in Belgium, Earth Observation Part 1, Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs

“Digitale Signaalprocessing Deel 3: oefeningen”


“An Architecture for a general Purpose Optical Computer adapted to PNPN Devices”, in ESPRIT Basic Research Series, Optical Information Technology

“Towards Distributed Statistical Processing- Aquarium: A QUery And Reflection Interaction Using Magic: Mathematical Algorithms Generating Interdependent Confidences”, in ESPRIT Basic Research Series, vol. 13: Optical Information Technology - State of the Art Report

“A Passive Crystal Pixel Interchanger”, in ESPRIT Basic Research Series, vol. 13: Optical Information Technology - State of the Art Report

“The Double Heterostructure Optical Thyristor in Optical Information Processing Applications”, in ESPRIT Basic Research Series: Optical Information Technology


“On the Role of Amplitude and Phase in the Synthesis of Male and Female Voices”, in Chapter 3 in J.H. Eggen: On the Quality of Synthetic Speech - Evaluation and Improvements, Eindhoven University of Technology, 23-55


“Belgische Matentabellen voor Bovenkleding”, in VUB-IRIS

“Belgische Matentabellen voor Bovenkleding (Vereenvoudigde Lichaamsmatentabellen voor Technisch Gebruik)”, in VUB-IRIS


“KIJKEN IN DE MENS Bio-fysiche grootheden in beeld gebracht: geluid, elektrische spanning, elektromagnetische golven ZIEN”, in De Spiraal van het weten


“Beeldverwerking en Beeldanalyse- VUB Dienst Elektronika en Digitale Signaal Processing”, in Beeldverwerkingsvergadering TDLM


“Body Surface Mapping: Contribution and limits for the diagnosis of RVMI in patients with PI.DSLVMI”, in Electrocardiographic Body Surface Mapping

“Contribution of the ECG surface potential maps to the diagnosis of L-V myocardial infarction with and without right ventricular infarction”, in Computer ECG analysis : towards standardization

“Speech Analysis-Synthesis Systems”, in CH 5 in EURASIP Short Course on Speech Processing, 5.1 - 5.42


“A contribution to the development of the selectively doped heterojunction transistor”


“Digitale spraakvoorstellingen”, in Speech Chips KVIV-studiedag


“Studie van de verwerking van elektrocardiologische potentialen”


“A Terminal for computerized ECG”, in Advances in Cardiology

“Cardiocomputer. An ECG Recorder with build-in Diagnostic Facilities”, in Advances in Cardiology, S.Karger-Basel

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