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ETRO Reports

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“INTERFERE Holography Dataset”


“Zorg Proeftuinen Vlaanderen. Een inhoudelijke vergelijking van de platformen en projecten bij de start”


“Reliably combining quality indicators”

“Behavior and performance evaluation of µC/OS V3.03.01 on RX63N”

“Behavior and performance evaluation of FreeRTOS 8.0.0 on RX63N”


“Hyperspectral characterization of (eco)hydrological processes in urban fringe zones: Final Report, FWO project G.0949.10N”

“Proposal for a ROI specification syntax”

“Proposal for JPSearch API specification”

“WD for ISO/IEC 24800-3/AMD1 JPSearch API”


“Results for core experiment on JPEG lossless coding extensions”

“Coding & Analysis Subgroup - Paris Meeting Report”

“JPSearch API use case demonstration”

“On the Use of Directional Transforms for JPEG 2000”

“Belgian NB response on Questionaire on Requirements for Low Complexity Coding Technology”

“Lossy-to-lossless coding support for JPEG”

“Towards a JPEG System Layer”

“Report Joint Meeting of Coding & Analysis and Test & Quality Subgroups”

“JPSearch API Requirements and Use Cases”

“Proposal for defining a JPSearch Application Programming Interface”

“Proposal of a JPSearch Query Model for ISO/IEC 24800-3”

“Preliminary Working Draft of ISO/IEC 24800-3 Version 2”

“Android OS: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on ARM platform”

“Comparison of QNX Neutrino and Linux Vanilla operating systems on PowerPC processor”

“Comparison of QNX Neutrino, Windows CE7, and Linux RT operating systems on ATOM processor”

“Comparison of QNX Neutrino, Windows CE7, Linux RT and Android (RT) operating systems on ARM processor”

“Comparison of QNX Neutrino 6.5 and RT Linux on X86 (Intel Pentium MMX)”

“Linux version 2.6.32: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on PowerPC platform”

“Linux-RT (version: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on ARM platform”

“Linux-RT (version: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on Intel ATOM platform”

“Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 on ARM platform: Real-time performance and behavior evaluation”

“Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WinCE7): Evaluation of its behavior and performance on Intel ATOM platform”

“QNX Neutrino 6.5: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on ARM platform (BeagleBoard XM)”

“QNX Neutrino 6.5: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on Intel ATOM platform”

“QNX Neutrino 6.5: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on PowerPC platform”


“Vorderingsverslag doctoraat 2010-2011: Directionele Basistransformaties - Theorie en Applicaties”

“JP3D Ad Hoc Group Meeting Report, Lausanne, Switzerland, Noverber 21-24,2011”

“Final Text of ISO/IEC 15444-10:2008/Cor.1”

“JP3D Ad Hoc Group Meeting Report, Tokyo, Japan, February 21-25, 2011”

“A classification framework for habitat status reporting with remote sensing methods (HABISTAT): Final Report, Belgian Science Policy, Research Programme for Earth Observation (STEREO II), contract SR/00/103”

“Linux-RT (version: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on Intel Pentium MMX platform”

“Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WinCE7): Evaluation of its behavior and performance on an Intel Pentium II platform”

“QNX Neutrino 6.5: Evaluation of its behavior and performance on Intel Pentium MMX”


“Vorderingsverslag doctoraat 2009-2010: ?Directionele Basistransformaties - Theorie and Applicaties”

“Hyperspectral remote sensing for environment and water management (HYPERENV): Intermediate Report and Project Extension Proposal, Research Council, Vrije Universiteit Brussel”

“WebP, a quick objective comparison”

“JP3D Ad Hoc Group Meeting Report, Brussels, Belgium, July 12-16, 2010”

“Mapping update and analysis of the evolution of non-built (green) spaces in the Brussels Capital Region (ActuaEvol/09): Final Report, Brussels Instituut voor Milieubeheer (BIM)”


“An objective methodology for evaluating the mechanical compliance of osteotomy preparations Part 1”

“Analysis of drill debris in/on bone samples Part 3”

“Thermographic analysis of the osteotomy preparation Part 2”

“Drilling Analyzer - Documentation V4.0 Part 4”

“Technical Note: Maximizing ellipses within contours Part 5”

“Numerical study of a capacitive through-wall imaging sensor”

“Development of an ambulatory transthoracic impedance monitoring device for early diagnosis of impending acute heart failure - Capacitive measurement system”

“Development of an ambulatory transthoracic impedance monitoring device for early diagnosis of impending acute heart failure - Sensitivity study”

“Development of an ambulatory transthoracic impedance monitoring device for early diagnosis of impending acute heart failure - Extended literature survey”

“Capacitive measurement and imaging technology for detection and diagnosis of dental caries - Pilot study”

“Vorderingsverslag doctoraat 2008-2009: Directionele Basistransformaties - Theorie and Applicaties”

“JP3D Ad Hoc Group Meeting Report, Xi'an, October 26-30, 2009”

“JP3D Ad Hoc Group Meeting Report, Pula, July 13-17, 2009”

“Updates Concerning the MeshGrid Compression Software”


“JPEG-DI Part 2-JPEG-XR: Update Core Experiments Description 1.1”

“Report WG1 (JPEG) Interim Meeting – Poitiers, France”

“WP2: iBrussels Open Innovatiemodel”

“iBrussels Deelrapport 1: WP1 - iBrussels Haalbaarheidsstudie en Plan Van Aanpak: Executive Summary Rapport”

“JPSearch Executive White Paper: The Business Value of JPSearch”

“A comprehensive review of superresolution image reconstruction methods - application on multi-angular hyperspectral satellite images”

“Field Campaign 2008 - an investigation of spectral profiles deriving from CHRIS/Proba imagery”

“Detection and Resolution of Aspect Control-Flow Interactions”

“WP 1 iBrussels Haalbaarheidsstudie en Plan Van Aanpak: Executive Summary Rapport”

“iBrussels Deelrapport 3: WP3 - Platformarchitectuur: Naar een “virtuele” Mobiele Dienstenarchitectuur”


“Studie van een spectroscopische elektrische impedantietomografietechniek voor de diagnose van tandcaries”

“Automated monitoring of aquatic life in remote streams and rivers”

“IDAS- Intelligente Data-integratie services voor Actualisatie van Spatiale Data. WP3. Karakterisatie van beeldclassificatie”

“Text-To-Speech Synthesis: State-of-the-art Report”

“A Formal Semantics of Flexible and Safe Pointcut/Advice Bindings”

“IP Multicast Resiliency and Fast-Convergence, technical report part 1.1”


“Error-resilient profile for MESHGRID: robust encoding of the reference-grid”

“JPEG2000 Part 10 Reference Software Status”

“Intraoral digital subtraction radiography, and its application to caries detection”

“Application of impedance spectroscopy for fish detection”

“Forward thermal model for landmine detection”

“Motion Estimation and Segmentation”

“Vector-valued nonlinear diffusion and its application to image segmentation”

“Detecting man-made structures in urban areas using multi-spectral and geometric classification methods”

“Crisishulp aan huis in Vlaanderen. Rapportering van een uitkomstonderzoek”

“Proceedings of ALAMAS 2006”


“Encoding of Dynamic Meshes with MeshGrid (Part 2)”

“Encoding of Dynamic Meshes with MeshGrid (Part 1)”

“Updates to MeshGrid”

“Updates to the AFXEncoder related to MeshGrid”

“Scale selection methods for compact scale-space representation of images”

“MeshGrid implementation into AFX encoder: Donation to ISO”

“RESUME: User meeting report: Complexity Scalability in IBMCTF: Prediction Filter Truncation Based on Wavelet Subband Statistics”

“Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Ecotope Classification based on Hyperspectral Images”

“Analyse van studentenevaluatie van het wiskunde brugonderwijs”

“Doorlichting eerste jaar opleiding Bachelor in de Biologie aan de VUB”

“Instroomprofielen en voorkennis wiskunde van de generatiestudenten van de faculteit wetenschappen”

“Instroomprofielen, voorkennis wiskunde, afhaakrisico en remediëring van de generatiestudenten van de faculteit wetenschappen. Academiejaar 2005-2006”

“Motivatie van de eerstejaarsstudent informatica en zijn perceptie van de opleiding aan de VUB”

“Validity and Utility of Vermunt's Inventory of Learning Styles in Predicting the Academic Outcome of First Year Science Students”

“PIM-SM Listener: Extending the Functionality of the CastGate Router”


“Resilience in Scalable Video Coding using Embedded Multiple Description Scalar Quantization”

“Comparison between "t+2D" and ŖD+t" architectures with advanced motion compensated temporal filtering”

“Prediction-based scalable motion vector coding”

“Proposal for the XMT-A specifications for MESHGRID”

“Gestabiliseerde deconvolutiemethodes voor inverse problemen - met toepassing in lineaire (Magnetic Resonance beelvorming) en niet-lineaire (Ground Penetrating Radar beeldvorming) beeldreconstructie -”

“On the exploration of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) as a novel method for subsurface detection of shallowly buried objects - With application to humanitarian land mine detection -”

“Contribution to the development of a novel method of Spectroscopic Electrical Impedance tomography (EIT) with application to the assessment of hidden caries”

“Response to call for proposals on scalable video coding technology”

“Benelearn 2004 Proceedings”

“Analyse van wiskunde-voorkennis en studieprofielen van generatiestudenten van de faculteit wetenschappen. Periode 2001-2004”


“Responce to Call for Evidence on Scalable Video Coding Advances”

“Update of flags from the MESHGRID decoder specific info”

“DSSP-18: Noise shaping filter design for minimally audible signal requantisation”

“D.c. programming approach to Tikhonov regularization for non-linear ill-posed problems”

“Automatic Feature Interaction Analysis in PacoSuite”


“Coding of motion vectors produced by wavelet-domain motion estimation”

“Control of the distortion variation in motion compensated temporal filtering”

“Open-loop, in-band, motion-compensated temporal filtering for objective full-scalability in wavelet video coding”

“MeshGrid Stream Description”

“Proposal of Unified Backchannel Syntax for View-dependent 3D Transmission”

“Wavelet-based fine granularity scalable video coding with in-band prediction”

“Subtitle Image Comparison for automatic dvd quality Checking System”

“The MeshGrid Surface Representation”

“Video Table of Content Generation”

“An Overview of Volumetric Coding Technologies”

“Volumetric Coding Technologies”

“Fully scalable 3-D overcomplete wavelet video coding using adaptive motion compensated temporal filtering”

“Dual Tree Wavelets for Scalable Video Coding”


“Extending the MeshGrid stream to enable view dependent coding”

“Representing Surfaces from Structured Light Scanners using the MeshGrid format”

“Fast Level-By-Level Calculation of Overcomplete DWT for Scalable Video-Coding Applications”

“Issues in the use of radial functions for surface extraction from scattered image data - Machine vision techniques for model-based compression”

“MPEG2001/m7305: Flexible MeshGrid Representation and Coding”

“Multiscale edge detection via the wavelet transform”

“ROI and context-based entropy coding in wavelet-based lattice-partitioning coding of still images”

“R24.1.3 Very Low bit rate model-based video compression for videophony applications”

“R18.1.3 Localisation and tracking methods for head and facial features & Talking head controlled by at least lip-reading results, Machine Vision Techniques for model-based compression”

“Scale space segmentation of color images”

“JPEG 2000 Part 10: Extensions for Three-Dimensional and Floating Point Data - Scope and Requirements document, draft version 1”

“Volumetric Wavelet Coding”

“Extensions to MPEG-4 Animation Framework for progressive transmisson/decoding of textures and meshes”

“MAXAD Constrained Wavelet Coding of Images”

“Learning Agents in a Homo Egualis Society”

“Learning agents in a homo egualis society”


“Compression of Medical Volumetric Data”

“A global optimization approach to Electrical Impedance Tomography”

“Adiabatic layering: A new concept of hierarchical multi-scale optimization”

“Adiabatic layering: Beyond hierarchical optimization”

“An adiabatic neural network for RBF approximation”

“Beeldtechnologie en communicatie”

“Contour matching using finite difference method”

“Hierarchical contour matching in medical images”

“Hierarchical matching of deformable curves in medical images”

“Image reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography: A selfadaptive neural network approach”

“Proposals to stimulate commitment of European industry in the development of improved systems for humanitarian demining – The role of RT&D analysed as a Europe-wide issue”

“Segmentation of dynamic volumetric cardiac MR images by means of deformable contours”

“A Model-Based Approach to the Automatic Extraction of Linear Features from Airborne Images, using Mathematical Morphology and MRF theory”

“Change Detection in Satellite Image Sequences for Minefield Delineation”

“Ant Algorithms, Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning and Games”

“Learning Automata and Pareto Optimality for Coordination in MAS”

“Learning Automata for Controlling Multi Agent Systems”


“Airborne Minefield Detection: Pilot Project (REG/661-97/2)”

“Data Access and Image Database for Airborne Minefield Detection”

“Implementation of A Compression Algorithm for Transmission of Tele-Surveillance Video Streams with Observercube”

“Performance Evaluation of Several Compression Techniques in Lossy Compression of Photographic and Medical Images”

“Power Exploration For Embedded Zero-Tree Wavelet Encoding”

“Study on the State of the Art in the EU related to humanitarian demining technology, products and practice”

“Medische Beeldanalyse en Visualisatie : De speurtocht naar een afdoend raamwerk”

“Automatic Watershed Segmentation of Color Images”

“Errors in localization using GSM-Timing Advance”

“Ground Penetrating Radar Data Processing: A Selective Survey of the State of the Art Literature”

“Ground Penetrating Radar Data Processing: Clutter Characterization and Removal”

“IRIS-TR-0057: Morphological Operators for Eye Activity Detection”

“Road Network Database Management System (RNDMS) for map-matching”

“Supervised Methods for Linear Minefield Detection”

“Study of the VM5.2 Memory Complexity for Cost Efficient Implementation”

“Implementation results of tree-based wavelet coding”

“Proposal of weighting factors for Scalable Texture Objects”

“Wavelet-Based Compression of GERB Images : Multi-functionality Support and Performance Evaluation”

“In-Band Motion Compensation For Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Coding”

“Ant Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning”


“Validation of the Usefulness of the Wavelet Based Compression Algorithms for Progressive Transmission of Large Medical Images”

“Airborne Minefield Detection”

“Distortion Control in Wavelet Based Compression of Pre-print Images”

“Specifications of the Quantisation and Motion Vector Coding, Taking the 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform Implementation Bottlenecks into Account”

“The Amplitude of the Continuous Wavelet Transform, used for the Demodulation of the Harmonic Components of a 1D Signal, can be Tuned for Exact Removal of Artifacts at Double Frequency, as Demonstrated in the Time/Frequency Analysis of”

“Recognition of Facial Gestures in Automatically Generated Codebooks”

“Development of a Software Library for Pattern Recognition Applications - Revision 2”

“Wavelet bewegingsestimatie-technieken voor VLSI videocodecs- Bekroond met Barco Prijs voor afstudeerwerken”


“Algorithmic exploration of codecs that are based on the 2D Wavelet transform, and identification of the implementational bottlenecks of the 2D-DWT architecture”

“Investigation results for the various implementation aspects of the VLSI 2D DWT and IDWT”

“Lossy Compression Techniques Applied to Images in Telepublishing: A General Survey and Some Case Studies”

“Performance evaluation of wavelet-based techniques used in lossless and lossy compression of medical and preprint images”

“Hierarchy Determination of the Gradient Watershed Adjacent Groups- The Superficial Structure”

“Edge Distortion Criterion for Color Images : Psychovisual Study”

“Study of cloud-dependent bi-directional reflection functions and directional emission functions by collocation of Meteosat and ScaRaB pixels”

“Physical Principles for Anti-Personnel Mine Detection: A Survey of 3 Sensing Principles”


“A novel technique of hierarchical contour matching”

“Annual Report of the Research Group Iris - 1995”

“Anti Personal Mines, A world-wide problem : from political conscience towards humanitarian, research and industrial action”

“Segmented Image Coding : Experimental Results”

“Labeling based on Probability Distribution Maps - Theoretical Justification”

“A Topological Edge Finding Gain Function”

“The integrated Mirror Optical Switch: Optical Plasma Resonance Effects in Semiconductors used for the control of 10mm Infrared Light”


“A Simulator for Optical Parallel Computer Architectures : Description of a Standard Cell”


“Annual Report of the Research Group IRIS - 1994”

“Improving Hardware Implementations for 2D Subband Coding, with Space-filling Curves”

“Wideband WSOLA Time-Scaling for Audio”


“Annual Report of the Research Group IRIS - 1993”

“Contrast Optimization in Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

“Knowledge Engineering in Diagnostic Imaging”

“DSSP File Standard: Conventions”

“Development of a Software Library for Pattern Recognition Applications”


“A TSY Multiplier in CMOS : Realisation and Analytical Design Equations”

“Annual Report of the Research Group IRIS - 1992”

“Adaptive Noise Cancelling Experiment using the LMS Adaptation Algorithm”


“Annual Report of the Research Group IRIS - 1991”

“De Belgische Matentabel”

“Dynamische Technieken voor Tumordetektie met behulp van IR-Thermografie”

“Iris Research Group : Annual Primis Report - 1991”

“Knowledge Engineering in Diagnostic Imaging”

“Medical Imaging: a Reader”

“Studie van Dynamische Technieken voor Tumordetektie met IR-Thermografie - Evaluatie van de Meetgegevens op Patiënten”

“The Research Group IRIS in National and International Data Bases”


“Annual Report of the Research Group IRIS - 1990”

“Knowledge Engineering in Diagnostic Imaging”

“Report on a generic framework for image interpretation”

“An Implementation of the PSOLA/KDG Waveform Synthesis Technique”


“ETRO Annual Report of the Research Group IRIS - 1989”

“Jaarverslag 1988 van de aktiviteiten van de IRIS (ETRO) onderzoeksgroep in het kader van PRIMIS”

“Knowledge Engineering in Diagnostic Imaging”

“Spilprogramma Robotvisie IWONL : Eindverslag”

“Thermography : application for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Prognosis and Follow-up”


“Evaluatie studieverblijf USA (November 88)”


“A Useful format for Hexadecimal Load files”

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