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A list of job opportunities @ ETRO

Available Positions

Postdoctoral Researcher in AI for Big Data

Massive amounts of information are constantly produced and can be harvested from various sources, ranging
from wireless sensor and mobility APIs in smart cities to public open datasets and social media. This data deluge
calls for effective methods to extract knowledge from a corpus of ...

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Postdoctoral Researcher in Explainable AI for Multimodal Visual Computing

Despite the success of deep learning in various tasks, its limiting factor is that its theoretical understanding
remains underdeveloped, which in turn translates into a lack of principled methods to design efficient deepneural-
network architectures. This postdoctoral opening focuses on ...

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Doctoral (PhD) full time position in “Advanced measurement solutions in the millimeter and sub-THz wave range”

The project aims at the development of ultra-sensitive measurement techniques in the millimeter wave and sub-THz wave range with state-of-the-art equipment operating up to 750 GHz, in the frequency domain as well as the time domain, in free space as well as in waveguide ...

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R&D Management Officer

The position provides a great opportunity to work closely together with experienced ETRO
researchers active in image and video processing, 3D graphics and data compression and to
participate in ongoing projects with prestigious academic and industrial partners active in
these fields.

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Anteryon, VUB B-PHOT and ETRO are hiring 4 ESRs to start an Industrial PhD within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN.

The EC-funded Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN project "xCLASS" (Next generation Compact Lightsource And Spectrometer Systems) starts a training through research programme to address the severe shortage of expertise among European industrial graduates and PhDs aiming to fulfil the complete technology supply chain for the development of optical spectrometer systems. An expanding demand for sensorial information in application domains such as healthcare, agriculture, waste management and food sorting urges for novel and cost-effective methods to sense the desired analytes with high sensitivity, high reliability and a small mobile device.

Four ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) have the chance to become leading experts in photonics in academy and industry and to contribute to Europe's key societal challenges such as health, food safety and a sustainable environment.

ESR 1: This PhD student will particularly investigate and develop a miniaturized tuneable light source. The student will be located at Anteryon, with secondments to the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. xCLASS Job Post_ESR1

ESR 2: This PhD student will particularly investigate a modified Fastie-Ebert configuration to develop a compact optical spectrometer combining both refractive and diffractive optical components. The student will be located at Vrije Universiteit Brussels-B-PHOT and have 3 secondments at Anteryon. xCLASS Job Post_ESR2

ESR 3: Research will be particularly focused on the integration of the optical, electronical and mechanical components of the miniaturized spectrometer and its interfacing with a tunable light source. Furthermore, data processing algorithms will be investigated. The student will be located at Anteryon and have two secondments to the Vrije Universiteit Brussels-ETRO. xCLASS Job Post_ESR3

ESR 4: The overall objective of this research is to reconstruct a wide-band signature using an automated calibration procedure and inverse problem methods to compute higher-quality spectra from imperfect optics. The student will be located at Vrije Universiteit Brussels-ETRO and have three secondments at Anteryon. xCLASS Job Post_ESR4

Enquiries and applications may be addressed to Mrs. Majorie Jammaers.

Open Positions at the Royal Meteorological Institute.




Working Environment @ ETRO

Thanks in part to its location in the heart of Europe in Brussels a city of rich heritage with cultural diversity, and in part to its interdisciplinary research projects. ETRO offers an international and multicultural environment that leads to a positive and creative work place. With its three research groups all specialising in different areas, cooperation and open communication are at the forefront of ETRO daily life. All in all ETRO is an enthusiastic, hard working, professional and welcoming environment in which to work where your aspiration can be fulfilled and new friendships made.

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