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Mrs. Cathleen De Tandt

ETRO Technician

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Cathleen De Tandt was graduated at the Industrial High School for Engineering of Ghent (C.T.L.) in 1979 as an Industrial Engineer in Chemicals.Theaching chemistry until 1981 and from 1982 she was working at the V.U.B. Jette together with Prof.Vera ROGIERS in the area of mucovisidose.
Since 1983 she is working as research engineer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in the department of Electronics and Information Processing (ETRO-LAMI).
Since 1984 she is a member (research engineer) of the Inter University Micro Electronic Center (IMEC) with working place on the V.U.B-campus till 31.12.2008.
From 01.01.2009 she is working at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels as technological expert in the LAMI-group.
She has participated in projects and research on such diverse topics as: chemical gas sensors, optical information processing for parallel computation, CO2 laser modulation, micro-machines for ultra-rapid DNA screening, fast enforcing technologies for protein engineering, millimeter imaging systems, technology for integrated THz – biosensor, co-worker for EQCOLOGIC and OPTRIMA - two spin-off groups of the LAMI-group.
Protein crystallization in microgravity and cellular adhesion of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in microgravity (VUB –Ultrastructure Department – ESA project – Fluorescent Cells ).


“Microfluidic devices on glass for liquid mixtures concentration with coupled THz sensor”

In Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems

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