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Green Energy Park officially opened! 26.11.2021

The Green Energy Park in Zellik was recently officially openend. ETRO will be part of this initiative in the context of Hospital of the Future, together with the UZ Brussels. This unique collaboration between technological and medical experts makes it possible to develop the sustainable care and technological infrastructure of the future.
In concrete: ETRO will apply a complex wireless net of sensors in an experimental area to view at all times how air streams and air quality evolves in the operation quarter. The OP-quarter will be CO2 neutral. Data will be collected about temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration with wireless sensors. During this process, permanent attention goes also to the wellbeing of the patient and hospital staff. A real trans disciplinary challenge where UZ Brussels and ETRO will play a pioneering role in the area.

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Gaurav Agrawal wins IEEE SSCS 2020-2021 International Student Circuit Contest 28.10.2021

Gaurav is one of the two winners of 2020-21 International Student Circuit Contest by IEEE Solid-state Circuits society. Gaurav solved the problem below:
Provide an example of an amplifier where, despite the presence of a positive feedback, the system cannot latch since the topology guarantees always a positive gain margin (regardless the components values or mismatches)? In your answer please clarify the expression of the loop gain and show that there is actually a positive feedback but the magnitude can never exceed one.

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2 ETRO candidates have managed to obtain the most wanted FWO scholarship for 4 years 08.10.2021

Today the results of Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - Vlaanderen Mandaten aspirant strategisch basisonderzoek were announced. 196 Mandates were awarded, 13 for VUB and TWO for ETRO. Very well done, Cedric Baijot (prom. Maarten Kuijk) and Salar Tayebi (Prom. Johan Stiens)! Also Delphine Van Laethem, who is doing a PhD with Jeroen Van Schependom will get the scholarship.

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“Global and Local Tensor Sparse Approximation Models for Hyperspectral Image Destriping”

In Remote Sensing

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“A Deep-Unfolded Reference-Based RPCA Network For Video Foreground-Background Separation”

In 28th European Signal Processing Conference

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“Reliability and Variability of Advanced CMOS Devices at Cryogenic Temperatures”

In 2020 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, IRPS 2020

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“Parameterization of the quality factor for the high throughput JPEG 2000”

In SPIE Photonics Europe, 2020

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“Characterization and Modeling of Hot Carrier Degradation in N-Channel Gate-All-Around Nanowire FETs”

In IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

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La caméra qui détecte l'invisible pour l'homme

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Imec toont tech voor de toekomst (Holografie, hdr-conversie, organs-on-a-chip)

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