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ETRO Demo @ Future Summits: Augmented reality in Neurosurgery 14.05.2019

Future Summits, is imec’s brand new tech experience. Three conferences, three perspectives, more than 1800 local and global innovators. Bart Jansen (ETRO) will be there with a
demo booth to showcase the SARA imec.icon project on augmented reality in neurosurgery.

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NEXUS 2nd Technical Training @ Mandalay 14.03.2019

Jonathan C-W Chan is coordinating the Erasmus + Capacity Building for Higher Education project NEXUS (Nodes of Excellence in SEA Universities through Spatial Data 2018-2020). From 25-28 Feb. 2019, the 2nd Technical Training was delivered at Mandalay Technological University, Remote Sensing Department. New equipment support by the NEXUS project were installed and utilized first time. The training focused on characterization of urban areas using satellite images and drone-based acquisitions. Training topics include machine learning algorithms and novel object-based feature extraction methods drone-based 3D modelling recent research in social-economic growth of cities using spatial data. The training has been completed exceeding expectations.

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Special Issue REMOTE SENSING journal 14.03.2019

Hyperspectral Earth Observation missions are slated to launch in the next decades. As global coverage of hyperspectral images is unprecedented, we still have very few knowledge about this kind of big data. Same as Deep Learning based algorithms for hyperspectral analyses. While so much has been reported in published literature, there are still so much we don't know about ANN inspired Deep Learning. As such, a new Special Issue in Remote Sensing journal has been organized by Jonathan C-W Chan to further our knowledge in these aspects.

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“Hierarchical sparse coding framework for speech emotion recognition”

In Speech Communication

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“Configuring the Parameters of Artificial Neural Networks using NeuroEvolution and Automatic Algorithm Configuration”

In The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2018

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“Cnn-based Denoising of Time-Of-Flight Depth Images”

In 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing

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“Trap-Aware Compact Modeling and Power-Performance Assessment of III-V Tunnel FET”

In Trap-Aware Compact Modeling and Power-Performance Assessment of III-V Tunnel FET

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“Parallel Rendezvous-Based Association for IEEE 802.15.4 TSCH Networks”

In IEEE Sensors Journal

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PhD Defense by Mr Matthias Carlier

Integration of a multicast framework in the Internet of Things.

The phenomena of connecting millions of different devices to the internet gave rise to the so-called Internet of ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Jorge Lagos Benites


The ever-increasing demand for higher data throughput has fueled the development of
analog-to-digital ...

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05.07.2019 - 13.07.2019

BEST Summerschool: Gamify Your AI: The Legend Of Brussels Workshop

Have you ever wondered what the magic behind games like Fortnite, Mario Kart or Fifa is? And in addition, what the ...

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Imec toont tech voor de toekomst (Holografie, hdr-conversie, organs-on-a-chip)


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