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Best Paper Award at the IC3D for Quentin Bolsée 15.01.2021

Quentin Bolsée, PhD student of Prof. Adrian Munteanu, received the Best Paper Award at the IC3D 2020 conference (International Conference on 3D Immersion), with his paper titled “A device for capturing inward-looking spherical light fields”. The technology presented in the paper was developed at Fab Lab ULB as part of the Fab Academy 2020 program.

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Top Viewed Special Session Paper Award @ ICIP 2020 25.11.2020

Dr. Ionut Schiopu and Professor Adrian Munteanu received the Top Viewed Special Session Paper Award at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2020) for their paper “A study of prediction methods based on machine learning techniques for lossless image coding”.
The proposed algorithm is designed to compress high resolution images without any information loss by modifying the conventional framework to employ a deep neural network to replace the traditional prediction method and predict the current pixel based on a large neighboring window.
An outstanding performance gap of almost 50% is achieved compared to traditional lossless codecs, which confirms once again that the Deep-Learning-based tools will play an important role in the design of future lossless image coding standards.”
ICIP 2020 Awards section:

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Whoop whoop for Esther, Boris, Angel and Chiara! 21.10.2020

VUB scored 20 scholarships out of 200 FWO scholarships awarded in Flanders, 4 ETRO PhD students obtained FWO scholarship funding for 2 years!
Hereunder the list of PhD students and the title of their research.
Esther Rodrigo Bonet (prom. N. Deligiannis): Explainable Physics-guided Deep Learning for Air Pollution Inference
Boris Joukovsky (prom. N. Deligiannis): Interpretable and Explainable Deep Learning for Video Processing
Angel Sole Morillo (prom. J. Stiens): Robustified multi-functional photoplethysmography (PPG) monitoring system for continuous vital signs detection: A Global Health challenge
Chiara Rossi (prom. J. Van Schependom): Unravelling cognitive functioning in healthy and multiple sclerosis through the analysis of transiently bursting brain networks at milliseconds time scale.

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“Mechanism of the Polarized Absorption of CVD-Prepared Carbon Nanofibers to TE Waves in the Subterahertz Band”

In Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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“The use of cognitive mobile games to assess the interaction of cognitive function and breath-hold”

In Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology

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“The role of hippocampal theta oscillations in working memory impairment in multiple sclerosis”

In Human Brain Mapping

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“Feature Augmenting Networks for Improving Depression Severity Estimation from Speech Signals”

In IEEE Access

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“Contrast flow velocity quantification from time-resolved CT angiography: a phantom study”

In SPIE Medical Imaging 2020

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PhD Defense by Mr. Tien Do Huu

Graph-based Deep Learning for Social Media and Smart City Data Analytics

We address the two challenges of big heterogeneous data originated from social media and smart cities, namely data ...

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PhD Defense by Mr Volodymyr Seliuchenko


Our world is being reshaped by machines which are getting closer to humans in
perceptive and cognitive abilities ...

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La caméra qui détecte l'invisible pour l'homme

Le Soir


Imec toont tech voor de toekomst (Holografie, hdr-conversie, organs-on-a-chip)

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