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ETRO is present @ Knowledge for Growth 2020 27.05.2020

Feel like joining the Belgian life sciences community on May 27th (state of the union) & May 28th (knowledge for growth), together with 1300+ actors from 600+ companies & organisations?

Visit the VUB-TTO Flanders lounge and discover the R2B pitch sessions and Academic Showcases. Besides a presentation by µFlow, ETRO will demonstrate two academic showcases on FLT imaging using Nanobodies: effective tool for life sciences and medical applications (NLITE) and on Computer games for physical rehabilitation

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SARA: Hologram-assisted surgery 13.03.2020

The ETRO-VUB/Imec research group is developing technology that projects medical scans on the body of patients in real time during surgery. Using augmented reality (AR), the 3D models are shown in the exact place of operation, allowing for more precision. Also, the AR technology can be used to train medical students.

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Excellent Paper Award at ICAIIC2020 in Fukuoka, Japan 19.02.2020

The ETRO-AVSP Team received an Excellent Paper Award at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication 2020 in Fukuoka, Japan, with the paper "Neural architecture search under black-box objectives with deep reinforcement learning and increasingly-sparse rewards".

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“Integration of oneM2M in Inter-IoT’s platform of platforms”

In 25th IEEE International Symposium on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN)

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“Rumour detection via news propagation dynamics and user representation learning”

In IEEE Data Science Workshop

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“Growth mechanism of novelty scaly CNFs@ZnO nanofibers structure and its photoluminescence property”

In Applied Surface Science

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“The Impact of Cognitive Dysfunction on Locomotor Rehabilitation Potential in Multiple Sclerosis”

In Journal of central nervous system disease

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“Direct calculation of computer-generated holograms in sparse bases”

In Optics Express

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Currently no future events are planned.

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La caméra qui détecte l'invisible pour l'homme

Le Soir


Imec toont tech voor de toekomst (Holografie, hdr-conversie, organs-on-a-chip)

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