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Created in 2005, to conduct research on applied and theoretical problems related to machine learning signal and image processing and computer vision, the AVSP research group explores and capitalizes on the correlation between speech and video data for Computational Information Technology where efficient numerical methods of computational engineering are combined with the problems of information processing. It is supported by in-house expertise in Speech Processing (Prof. W. Verhelst) and Computer Vision (Prof. H. Sahli) and long term collaboration with the SAIIP Lab at the North Western Polytechnic University (NPU) (prof. D. Jiang - Since 2009 the two teams are recognised under the VUB-NPU International Joint Research Group - IJRG - AVSP. The AVSP research maintains a fully equipped audiovisual laboratory: Nosey Elephant Studios

“Leveraging the Bayesian Filtering Paradigm for Vision-Based Facial Affective State Estimation”

In IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing

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“Improved compressive tracking based on pixel-wise learner”

In Journal of Electronic Imaging

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“Continuous affect recognition with weakly supervised learning”

In Multimedia Tools and Applications

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“A video prediction approach for animating single face image”

In Multimedia Tools and Applications

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“CSA-DE/EDA: A Clonal Selection Algorithm Using Differential Evolution and Estimation of Distribution Algorithm”

In The 9th International Conference on Brain Inspired Cognitive system

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