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ETRO Engineering ICT & Electronics

ETRO has grown and gained much experience, influenced, researched & developed many innovations and educated many in the broad field of Electronics and Informatics over the past 40 years.

ETRO is today able to offer much in terms of education and research and collaboration with industry. A wide range of excellent courses taught in English and Dutch are available, for foreign as well as national students. They get the opportunity of benefiting from the high standards in education held at the VUB. The vast platform of research topics and integrated projects combining these topics, is open to all PhD candidates and researchers looking to pursue their research in the field of Electronics and Informatics, under the supervision of highly dedicated professors and staff. ETRO has been able to reach and stay at the forefront in fundamental and strategic basic research. ETRO also offers industry, nonprofit organizations and government agencies the opportunity to get involved at a research and professional level.

Our themes