Ordering – Reimbursement (RAPTOOLS)

The central electronic order system Racsweb: https://racsweb.vub.be/RacsWeb/Welcome.aspx must be used for orders, all personal expense notes, requests for reimbursement of kilometer expenses, invoices, etc.
When applying for reimbursements you are required to heed the ETRO Rules.

Invoices addressed to VUB should contain the following info and cannot get paid unless ALL info is present:

  • (Karin De Bruyn)
  • Pleinlaan 2, KE.3.01
  • 1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • VAT/BTW: BE0449.012.406

All invoices addressed to IMEC should contain the following info and cannot get paid unless ALL info is present:

  • Kapeldreef 75
  • 3001 Leuven
  • VAT/BTW: BE0425260668

You can log in via https://racsweb.vub.be/RacsWeb/Welcome.aspx with your VUB username and password.

For personal reimbursements, the procedure is as follows, you log in, enter your expense note, contact your supervisor/Karin in order to be able to complete the fields related to Account holder, project and cost place, and category. Your own personal data are already available in the system (via account no: type no spaces, no -). The expense note goes into the flow for approval of the promoter and once approved you will get a notice that it has been accepted. Keep the proofs for 2 years.
For order forms, no project needs to be completed by you, Karin will do this if you mention her as assistant, it goes in the automatic flow to her. When ordering computer related material, you must inform Luc who will place the orders on your behalf via Karin and do the follow up.
For invoices (DFAC/BFAC), Karin will do it for you, do not try to do it yourselves please.

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