RAINBOW Optimized prediction and decision support for rain erosion and lightning-driven degradation of blades

This project aims to gain insight into the factors that lead to degradation of the turbine blades ofbroffshore wind farms, in particular the erosion of the attack edge, which is related to the material fatigue by impact ofbrprecipitation and lightnin...

Team Up 2018: MAC`s: DRIvINg: Distributed Recognition Infrastructure for Intelligent traffic camera Networks

The project aims at developing a multilane traffic monitoring system for vehicle recognition, tracking and situational classification based on a multi-modal, visual network of distributed colour, grayscale, Lidar and radar cameras along the road.


This project aims to explore novel highly-adaptable deep learning solutions for automotive and traffic monitoring applications.

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This project aims at the development of representation and streaming technologies in order to provide hyper-realistic windowed 6-degrees-of-freedom immersive experiences.brKeywords: Light field coding, quality of experience, quality metrics

3D reconstruction using multimodal camera systems

A major goal of this project is to devise sparse representations that allow for efficient representation and processing of point cloud data. To cope with the noise occurring during the acquisition process, a first major problem to be solved is accura...

Denoising and object recognition in multi-view Time of Flight camera systems

A Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera acquires 3D information about a scene, which can be represented as a depth map or re-projected to a point cloud. Any ToF camera suffers from a significant amount of noise, which is non-stationary and ...

Optimalisation of source-coding of multiple terminals in self-organising networks

The Internet consists of an increasing number of small devices, connected in most cases via a wireless network to the Internet backbone. Important use cases in this respect are smart cities, inter-vehicle communication and smart transport system...

SRP: Processing of large scale multi-dimensional, multi-spectral, multi-sensorial and distributed data (M³D²)

Focusses on i) the data modeling, (ii) the exploitation of sparsity, (iii) the associated data analysis and fusion, (iv) the sensor design. Signal, image and video processing, compression, data analysis, end-to-end system design.Cross-disciplinary: m...

Advanced techniques for distributed video coding

The rapid growth in terms of communication bandwidth, resolution, display modalities and mobility is calling for new types of multimedia communication systems. One of these new solutions, called Distributed Video Coding (DVC), has attracted attention...

Thin Client network management with distributed source coding

New services for wired and mobile user are offering an increasing amount of video content. Recent examples are news websites or video on mobile devices (such as mobile television). A second important evolution is the usage of the Internet protocol fo...

Scalable error-resilient image- and videocoding

Abstract of the research project 1. Aim Today's modern multimedia applications have risen to a level of quality (see the graphical detail of virtual threedimensional scenes, or the HDTV or even cinema resolution of video content) that would have b...