GEAR: “Venturing into Future Health Technologies”

Venturing into future health technologies is the focused thematic of the Gear consortium Tech4Health comprises team members of two departments: departments of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) and Industrial Engineering (INDI) of the faculty of Engi...

TRM4aSF: Transient Radar Methodology for a sustainable future

Spin-off creation fund for Transient Radar Methodology.brThe Transient Radar Methodology comprises a novel and unique high-frequency electromagnetic methodology for the non-destructive testing of non-conductive materials, comprising also visibly opaq...

Unravelling Textile Reinforced Cementitious composites by means of multi-modal sensing techniques

The project aims at a procedure for quality control of modern civil engineering components based on millimeter wave electromagnetic methods (MMW). It involves textile reinforced cementitious (TRC) composites which are increasingly used in industry fo...

Cofinancing OZR FWO Hercules MZW equipment: GHz-THz VNA measurement infrastructure: from benchtop to portable instruments serving advanced sensor solutions in a variety of multi-disciplinary application domains

An essential measurement instrument for R&D activities in the frequency range from 10 GHz – 750 GHz of the electromagnetic spectrum, a subdision of the loosely defined THz spectrum, is the so-called vector network analyzer (VNA), which a...