Biometric Optical Monitoring System for Neonates in Senegalese hospital environment

Basic physiological parameters to measure for 3 hospitals in Senegal:
◦ HR(V), RR, body temperature, SpO2

Development of local devices for telemedicine services in remote areas of Ecuador

In Ecuador, healthcare services and infrastructure in the form of fully equipped and staffed hospitals and clinics tend to be concentrated in large cities and are largely unavailable in marginalized remote and rural areas. Telemedicine has been used ...

GEAR: “Venturing into Future Health Technologies”

Venturing into future health technologies is the focused thematic of the Gear consortium Tech4Health comprises team members of two departments: departments of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) and Industrial Engineering (INDI) of the faculty of Engi...

IOF PoC “Wireless system for monitoring the neuromuscular blockade of patients and their vital physiological parameters during surgery, with the extension towards generic wireless monitoring systems of patients.”

This project focuses on a combination of wireless multi-modal sensor solutions for the objective follow-up of the physiological condition of patients in different (network) environments: from the operating theater with specific measurement ...

Explorative exposure to medical wearable instruments: the societal and scientific added value.

Outreach to society, wearables, STEM, preventive healthcare, PPG sensor systems

A combined GP-GPU/FPGA desktop system for accelerating image processing application (GUDI)

This projects targets companies which are in need of more processing power for executing their applications in a reasonable time. The project focuses on image processing in the medical sector, but the generic results will be widely applicable. The pr...