ICON WE-MOVE (A Serious Gaming Platform for Rehabilitation and Movement Exercises for Children)

wE-MOVE aims to deliver a proof-of-concept platform for gaming based on body movements, that allows for promotion of fine and gross motor activities in typically developing children, exercises for children rehabilitation and athletic youth training. ...

RehabGoesHome: Rehabilitation Guardian for Young and Elderly patients atHome

The RehabGoesHome Rehabilitation Guardian project for YOung and Elderly Patients at Home, from the LABO (Faculty of Medicine) and ETRO (VUB) will build on the technology developed during the ICT4Rehab project (funded by Innoviris until February). ICT...

ICT4Rehab: Advanced ICT Platform for Rehabilitiation - Including Serious Gaming and Clinical Data analysis.

The ICT4Rehab project addresses a new rehabilitation paradigm. Designing and building demonstrators in the domain of muscle spasticity rehabilitation as Proof-of-Concepts requires the integration of various data sources, the development of ...