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Peter Schelkens, Aljosha Demeulemeester, Eric Krzesklo, Peter Lambert, Jan Van Looy, Hiep Luong, Adrian Munteanu, Jasmien Vervaeke, Rimmert Wittebrood

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3D imaging is already part of our visual environment, not only in the forms of 3D movies and TV shows but also as the backbone of countless 2D visualization systems. As it becomes more immersive, 3D will enable whole new types of entertainment and professional applications. Yet true holographic 3D visualization3D that won't require viewers to wear special glasses and stare at a flat screenlies on the other side of solving some key research challenges. iMinds is taking an end-to-end approach to enabling next-generation 3D visualization, investigating the required techniques and technologies from image capture to processing and presentation.