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Beerend Ceulemans, Shahid Mahmood Satti, Nikos Deligiannis, Frederik Verbist, Adrian Munteanu

2014 Proceedings of the 22nd European Signal Processing Conference

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Using multiple description (MD) coding mechanisms, this paper proposes a novel coding framework for error-resilience in distributed source coding (DSC) in sensor networks. In particular, scalable source descriptions are first generated using a symmetric scalable MD scalar quantizer. These descriptions are then layered Wyner-Ziv (WZ) coded using low-density parity-check accumulate (LDPCA) -based syndrome binning. The decoder consists of two side decoders which attempt to iteratively decode their respective description at various LDPCA puncturing rates in the presence of a correlated side information. A central decoder exploits the inter-description correlation to further enhance the WZ ratedistortion performance when both descriptions are partially or fully received. In contrast to earlier work, our proposed decoding scheme also exploits the correlation that exists between bit-planes. Experimental simulations reveal that, for a Gaussian source, the proposed system yields a performance improvement of roughly 0.66 dB when compared to not exploiting inter-description correlations.