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Bruno Bonnechère, Bart Jansen, Patrick Salvia, H Bouzahouene, Fedor Moiseev, Victor Sholukha, Jan Cornelis, Marcel Rooze, Serge Van Sint Jan

Gait and Posture

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The recent availability of the Kinect(TM) sensor, a cost-effective markerless motion capture system (MLS), offers interesting possibilities in clinical functional analysis and rehabilitation. However, neither validity nor reproducibility of this device is known yet. These two parameters were evaluated in this study. Forty-eight volunteers performed shoulder abduction, elbow flexion, hip abduction and knee flexion motions the same protocol was repeated one week later to evaluate reproducibility. Movements were simultaneously recorded by the Kinect (with Microsoft Kinect SDK v.1.5) MLS and a traditional marker-based stereophotogrammetry system (MBS). Considering the MBS as reference, discrepancies between MLS and MBS were evaluated by comparing the range of motion (ROM) between both systems. MLS reproducibility was found to be statistically similar to MBS results for the four exercises. Measured ROMs however were found different between the systems.