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Three-Dimensional Image Processing (3DIP) and Applications 2013

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Efficient depth-map coding is of paramount importance in next generation 3D video applications such as 3DTV and free viewpoint video. In this paper we propose a novel intra depth map coding system employing optimized segmentation procedures suitable for depth maps, followed by lossy or lossless contour coding techniques. In lossy mode, our method performs Hausdorff-distance constrained coding, by which the distance between the actual and decoded contours is upper-bounded by a user-defined bound. The trade-off between contour location accuracy and coding performance is analyzed. Experimental results show that, on average, lossy coding outperforms lossless contour coding and should be considered in all segmentation-based depth map coding systems. The comparison against JPEG-2000 shows that the proposed system is a viable alternative for light intra coding of depth maps.