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Jurgen Slowack, Jozef Skorupa, Nikos Deligiannis, Peter Lambert, Adrian Munteanu, Rik Van De Walle

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP2011

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During the past decade, Distributed Video Coding (DVC) has emerged as a new video coding paradigm, shifting the complexity from the encoder- to the decoder-side. This paper addresses a problem of current DVC architectures that has not been studied in the literature so far, that is, the mismatch between the intra and Wyner-Ziv (WZ) quantization processes. Due to this mismatch, WZ rate is spent even for spatial regions that are accurately approximated by the side-information. As a solution, this paper proposes side information generation using selective unidirectional motion compensation from temporally adjacent WZ frames. Experimental results show that the proposed approach yields promising WZ rate gains of up to 7% relative to the conventional method.