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Jurgen Slowack, Stefaan Mys, Jozef Skorupa, Nikos Deligiannis, Peter Lambert, Adrian Munteanu, Rik Van De Walle

ICIP 2010 Proceedings

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While distributed video coding (DVC) has emerged as a new video coding paradigm, the compression performance of current systems is still low compared to conventional solutions such as H.264/AVC. While the latter uses many coding modes and an efficient mode decision strategy for choosing the best mode, in DVC, only a limited number of modes has been developed so far. Since encoder-side mode decision in DVC increases encoder's complexity, in this paper, we introduce decoder-side mode decision choosing between bitplane WZ coding and bitplane intra coding. This strategy proves to be efficient, delivering rate gains up to 22% over DISCOVER, without increasing the complexity at the encoder.