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Panhellenic Conference on Electronics and Telecommunications, PACET, Patras, Greece, 20-22 March, 2009.

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Rooted in distributed source coding grounds, distributed video coding (DVC) has emerged as a competitive paradigm introducing a radical shift in video compression approaches. DVC enables flexible video coding architectures with low encoding complexity while the computationally expensive tasks for exploiting the source redundancies are shifted to the decoder side. The paper reviews the main principles and the current developments of practical DVC approaches including our novel spatial-domain unidirectional DVC (SDUDVC) codec. Furthermore, the paper addresses an essential issue for the performance of DVC solutions, which is modeling of the correlation channel in video. Initial works employ an identically and independently (iid) distributed noise to model this virtual channel. In this paper, we will study novel modeling schemes which show remarkable accuracy improvements over the corresponding spatially stationary models.