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Andrew Perkis, Christian Timmerer, Sabina Barakovic, Jasmina Barakovic Husic, Søren Bech, Sebastian Bosse, Jean Botev, Kjell Brunnström, Luis Cruz, Katrien De Moor, Andrea de Polo Saibanti, Wouter Durnez, Sebastian Egger-Lampl, Ulrich Engelke, Tiago H. Falk, Jesús Gutiérrez, Asim Hameed, Andrew Hines, Tanja Kojic, Dragan Kukolj, ne_list"Eirini Liotou, Dragorad Milovanovic, Sebastian Möller, Niall Murray, Babak Naderi, Manuela Pereira, Stuart Perry, Antonio Pinheiro, Andres Pinilla, Alexander Raake, Sarvesh Rajesh Agrawal, Ulrich Reiter, Rafael Rodrigues, Raimund Schatz, Peter Schelkens, Steven Schmidt, Saeed Shafiee Sabet, Ashutosh Singla, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Mirko Suznjevic, Stefan Uhrig, Sara Vlahovic, Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons, Saman Zadtootaghaj/span, Saman Zadtootaghaj

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With the coming of age of virtual/augmented reality and interactive media, numerous definitions, frameworks, and models of immersion have emerged across different fields ranging from computer graphics to literary works. Immersion is oftentimes used interchangeably with presence as both concepts are closely related. However, there are noticeable interdisciplinary differences regarding definitions, scope, and constituents that are required to be addressed so that a coherent understanding of the concepts can be achieved. Such consensus is vital for paving the directionality of the future of immersive media experiences (IMEx) and all related matters. The aim of this white paper is to provide a survey of definitions of immersion and presence which leads to a definition of immersive media experience (IMEx). The Quality of Experience (QoE) for immersive media is described by establishing a relationship between the concepts of QoE and IMEx followed by application areas of immersive media experience. Influencing factors on immersive media experience are elaborated as well as the assessment of immersive media experience. Finally, standardization activities related to IMEx are highlighted and the white paper is concluded with an outlook related to future developments.

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