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MeshGrid is one of the MPEG-4 3D Graphics Tools for scalable geometry compression that has been developed by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The MeshGrid compres-sion software needs to be updated in order to import arbitrary meshes in VRML format, re-mesh them using the TriScan tool and compress them in the MeshGrid format. A first GUI version of the entire system has been developed. This version is able to import arbitrary meshes in VRML format, deploys a uniform reference-grid using an arbitrary number of reference-planes in each direction, determines the new vertices in the re-meshed object, and applies the TriScan algorithm in order to determine the connectivity information. At this phase, the TriScan algorithm yields in most of the cases appropriate connectivity information, but some holes are still present in the re-meshed objects. The software needs to be debugged in order to solve these problems, which is an ongoing activity. In a subsequent phase, a command-line version will be developed based on the current GUI version of the MeshGrid compression software.