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Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, ACIVS 2008, Juan-les-Pins, France

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This paper investigates the application of open-loop coding principles in predictive coding systems. In order to cope with the drift, which is inherent in open-loop predictive coding, a novel rate-distortion (R-D) model is proposed, capturing the propagation of quantization errors in such systems. Additionally, a novel intra-frame video codec employing the transform and spatial prediction modes from H.264 is proposed. The results obtained with the proposed codec show that allocating rate based on the proposed R-D model provides gains of up to 1.9 dB compared to a straightforward rate allocation not accounting for drift. Furthermore, the proposed open-loop predictive codec provides gains of up to 2.3 dB compared to an equivalent closed-loop intra-frame video codec using the transform, prediction modes and rate-allocation from H.264. One concludes that the considered open-loop predictive coding paradigm retains the advantages of open-loop coding, and offers the possibility of further improving the compression performance in predictive coding systems.