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IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, MMSP 2008, Cairns, Australia

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A novel coding approach, applying open-loop coding principles in predictive coding systems is proposed in this paper. The proposed approach is instantiated with an intra-frame video codec employing the transform and spatial prediction modes from H.264. Additionally, a novel rate-distortion model for open-loop predictive coding is proposed and experimentally validated. Optimally allocating rate based on the proposed model provides significant coding gains in comparison to a straightforward rate allocation not accounting for drift. Furthermore, the proposed open-loop predictive codec provides gains of up to 3 dB in comparison to an equivalent closed-loop intra-frame video codec employing the transform, prediction modes and rate-allocation from H.264. This indicates that, with an appropriate drift compensation, open-loop predictive coding offers the possibility for further improving the compression performance in predictive coding systems.