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Alin Alecu, Adrian Munteanu, Alexandra Pizurica, Jan Cornelis, Peter Schelkens

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

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In this paper, we propose a generic hybrid oriented-transform and wavelet-based image representation for intra-band image coding. We instantiate for three popular directional transforms having similar powers of approximation but different redundancy factors. For each transform type, we design a compression scheme wherein we exploit intra-band coefficient dependencies. We show that our schemes outperform alternative approaches reported in literature. Moreover, on some images, we report that two of the proposed codec schemes outperform JPEG2000 by over 1 dB. Finally, we investigate the trade-off between oversampling and sparsity and show that, at low rates, hybrid coding schemes with transform redundancy factors as high as 1.25 to 5.8 are capable in fact of outperforming JPEG2000 and its critically-sampled wavelets.