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Adam Bujnowski, Jerzy Wtorek, Bart Truyen, Jan Cornelis

Proceedings 72nd ICB Seminar on Recent Achievements of Bioimpedance Research

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A parallel, fully modular 16-electrode impedance tomograph is presented. The system is organized around 16 identical electrode circuits (EC), with built-in microcontroller and analogue circuitry, for data acquisition and excitation. Digital-to-analogue and analogue to-digital conversion is performed by the microcontroller. Dedicated electrode circuits are connected in parallel by means of a custom mixed analogue-digital bus. Apart from the EC’s, the proposed system further consists of a generator, digital bus converter, and battery backed up power supply, all located in one common box. The system operates at pre-selectable frequencies, chosen in the range from DC to 1kHz. Each EC can apply individually adjusted excitation voltages or currents. In this way, a large flexibility in electrode positioning, excitation pattern, and choice of measurement technique is provided. As a main application of the system, the investigation of shallow subsurface soil inhomogeneities is envisaged.