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Alin Alecu, Adrian Munteanu, Peter Schelkens, Jan Cornelis, Steven Dewitte, Steven Dewitte

Journal of Electronic Imaging

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A new wavelet-based L-infinity-constrained fixed and embedded coding technique is proposed. The embedded bit stream can be truncated for any desired distortion bound at a corresponding bit rate, so that the target upper bound on the elements of the reconstruction error signal is guaranteed. The original image can also be coded up to a fixed a priori user-defined distortion bound, ranging up to lossless coding. A lifting-based wavelet decorrelating transform is employed on the original image, and exact relations are established between spatial and wavelet domain distortions. The wavelet coefficients are quantized by symmetric uniform quantizers for fixed-distortion coding and by families of embedded uniform deadzone scalar quantizers for embedded coding. The quantized coefficients are finally losslessly encoded using a quadtree-based coding algorithm. Any floating-point lifting-based wavelet transform can be used, and a few of the popular wavelet transforms included in the JPEG2000 verification model are worked out as examples. We compare other L-infinity-constrained coding schemes and show that our proposed coder offers in addition a fully embedded L-infinity-oriented bit stream. We illustrate also that the proposed coder retains the same capabilities as the state-of-the-art embedded wavelet-based co-decs, while providing superior compression results and embeddedness with respect to the L-infinity distortion measure.