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Wenqi Chang, , Adrian Munteanu

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems - 19th International Conference, ACIVS 2018, Proceedings

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The paper introduces a novel L 8 -constrained compression method for depth maps. The proposed method performs depth segmentation and depth prediction in each segment, encoding the resulting information as a base layer. The depth residuals are modeled using a Two-Sided Geometric Distribution, and distortion and entropy models for the quantized residuals are derived based on such distributions. A set of optimal quantizers is determined to ensure a fix rate budget at a minimum L 8 distortion. A fixed-rate L 8 codec design performing context-based entropy coding of the quantized residuals is proposed, which is able to efficiently meet user constraints on rate or distortion. Additionally, a scalable L 8 codec extension is proposed, which enables encoding the quantized residuals in a number of enhancement layers. The experimental results show that the proposed L 8 coding approach substantially outperforms the L 8 coding extension of the state-of-the-art CALIC method.

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