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, Marek Domanski, Krzystof Wegner, Tomasz Grajek, Takanori Senoh, Joël Jung, Péter Kovács, Patrik Goorts, Lode Jorissen, Adrian Munteanu, Beerend Ceulemans, Pablo Carballeira, Sergio Garcia, Masayuki Tanimoto

2016 Proceedings of the Electronic Imaging Conference

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ISO/IEC MPEG and ITU-T VCEG have recently jointly issued a new multiview video compression standard, called 3D-HEVC, which reaches unpreceded compression performances for linear, dense camera arrangements. In view of supporting future high-quality, auto-stereoscopic 3D displays and Free Navigation virtual/augmented reality applications with sparse, arbitrarily arranged camera setups, innovative depth estimation and virtual view synthesis techniques with global optimizations over all camera views should be developed. Preliminary studies in response to the MPEG-FTV (Free viewpoint TV) Call for Evidence suggest these targets are within reach, with at least 6% bitrate gains over 3D-HEVC technology.