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Shao-Ping Lu, Guillaume Dauphin, , Adrian Munteanu

Computational Visual Media

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In this paper, we present an interactive static image composition approach, namely color retargeting, to flexibly represent time-varying color editing effect based on time-lapse video sequences. Instead of performing precise image matting or blending techniques, our approach treats the color composition as a pixel-level resampling problem. In order to both satisfy the user’s editing requirements and avoid visual artifacts, we construct a globally optimized interpolation field. This field defines from which input video frames the output pixels should be resampled. Our proposed resampling solution ensures that (i) the global color transition in the output image is as smooth as possible, (ii) the desired colors/objects specified by the user from different video frames are well preserved, and (iii) additional local color transition directions in the image space assigned by the user are also satisfied. Various examples have been shown to demonstrate that our efficient solution enables the user to easily create time-varying color image composition results.

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