Generic & Fundamental Technology
RAINBOW Optimized prediction and decision support for rain erosion and lightning-driven degradation of blades

This project aims to gain insight into the factors that lead to degradation of the turbine blades ofbroffshore wind farms, in particular the erosion of the attack edge, which is related to the material fatigue by impact ofbrprecipitation and lightnin...

Explainable Physics-guided Deep Learning for Air Pollution Inference

Air pollution has become a world-wide concern due to its negative impact on the population's health and well-being. To mitigate its effects, it is essential to accurately monitor pollutant concentrations across regions and time. Traditio...

Interpretable and Explainable Deep Learning for Video Processing

Deep neural networks achieve high performance in many signal processing tasks. However, they are often considered as black-box models. To address this issue, there is a growing interest in developing interpretable models, along with methods to e...

Design and Interpret: A new framework for Explainable AI

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have shown tremendous performance improvement in a wide range of applications. However, they havebrone important shortcoming: they are often considered as black boxes, as their inner processes and generalization capabiliti...

Team Up 2018: MAC`s: DRIvINg: Distributed Recognition Infrastructure for Intelligent traffic camera Networks

The project aims at developing a multilane traffic monitoring system for vehicle recognition, tracking and situational classification based on a multi-modal, visual network of distributed colour, grayscale, Lidar and radar cameras along the road.

Image sensors enabling fluorescence-lifetime guided surgery

Surgery remains an effective treatment for many cancers and is often the only curative treatment option. During surgery, it is very important that all malignant tissue is removed but also that vital structures are left intact. Recognizing the maligna...


This project aims to explore novel highly-adaptable deep learning solutions for automotive and traffic monitoring applications.

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Video Processing for Multiview Multimodal Camera Systems

Free viewpoint (multiview) video aims at enabling virtual navigation in a dynamic 3D scene from arbitrary camera locations and orientations. The associated technologies also signify the solution to the problem of providing genuinely immersive “glas...


IOF-NLITE: A consortium has been set up consisting of Prof. Tony Lahoutte, Prof. Sophie Hernot, Prof. Maarten Kuijk and Dr. Hans Ingelberts to bring together multidisciplinary and complementary expertise on the development, validation and clini...

Interdisciplinary Research Program: Gerontopole Brussels, centre of expertise for Gerontology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The GerontopoleBrussels is an interdisciplinary research network of various faculties at the VUB, set up around the central theme of Active and Healthy Ageing. The general aimsof the Gerontopole Brussels are to run a comprehensive ...

Dictionary Learning Techniques and distributed Algorithms for processing Massive Heterogeneous Images (DOLPHIN)

Dictionary Learning Techniques and Distributed Algorithms for the Processing of Massive Heterogeneous Image Data (DOLPHIN)


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