AIOTI is organising a Web3 Hackathon on 21/22 September 2023 in Brussels and online.

Please feel free to register and share this information further within your communities.

About the Hackathon:

The WEB3 HACKATHON is a collaborative event with a mixed crowd of students, professionals and authorities, moderated by domain experts. The event is accessible for every individual, public or private organisations willing to enter the new digital era.

The Hackathon target is to solve a series of challenges, using WEB3 Technology:

  • Industry  – Challenge: Use WEB3 to TACKLE CLIMATE EMMERGENCY
  • Authorities  – Challenge: Use WEB3 to SOLVE A GOVERNANCE PROBLEM
  • Media – Challenge: Use WEB3 to TACKLE FAKE NEWS
  • Education – Challenge: Use WEB3 to INNOVATE EDUCATION
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