How to reach us
By car

For Buildings K and Ke, direct your GPS to “Triomflaan, 1160 Oudergem” and take entrance 8 of the campus. As the campus is equipped with an access system based on license plate recognition, you should, if possible, provide your contact in ETRO with your license plate number so they can enter it into the system. If this is not possible, you can contact the security at by pressing a button at entrance 8. There you can state you are a visitor for the ETRO department and give the name of your contact person. Then your contact person can register your number in the system so you will be able to leave the campus again.

For Pleinlaan 9 you can directly enter “Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Elsene” in your GPS. If you wish to park your car on the campus, the above applies.