From research to business
How we can collaborate


Funded projects (local and EU tec.)

We can collaborate with you to join funded project calls which will help to satisfy your related research and development needs.

List of calls:

Tailor-made solutions

We can work directly together to define your needs and develop solutions which will give you competitive advantages.

Services are available

You can use our available services also for some specific test and measurements or assessment.

Business partners:


At ETRO we are working on several innovations to bring them to market. If you are looking for opportunities to support, please contact Mr. Bugra Ersu.

Business leads

Without a dedicated team, we cannot reach our valorization goals. We are continuously looking for partners that we can collaborate for our ongoing valorization projects. This partnership includes consultancy, sponsorship, or leading the business aspects of the project with the intention of becoming a part of the future spin-off. If you are interested in, please contact Mr. Bugra Ersu