I graduated in 1997 from VUB with a Master in Communication Sciences as a full-time working student (and mother from the third year onwards). I have always worked at VUB, also during my studies. In the Microbiology dept. as a secretary, in the Housing dept, where I was helping foreign students to find housing in Brussels, then at the Human Ecology as an assistant programme coordinator for 5 years (Jette campus) and then at R&D dept. after staying in the US for a few months. From R&D I was recruited by Jan, Roger and Hichem to join ETRO in 1998. I was working with them on EU projects related to Humanitarian Demining. After the lost focus on this problem by the EU and lack of funding to continue our research in this field, I was asked to remain at ETRO and fulfill a coordinating role to manage projects’ budgets, deal with administration related to projects, recruiting new staff and many more. I still enjoy the working environment, the mix of cultures and the general atmosphere at ETRO very much, so I think I will stay for some more time…

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. – Matt Cameron