Kris Steenhaut has been guiding the ETRO/IRIS/Smartnets group since 2005. Her research activities focus on the design, implementation and experimental evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks and their integration in the Internet and the Word Wide Web.  Topics of particular attention are interoperability, security and privacy as well as the interworking with fog and cloud. Kris Steenhaut has guided several ITEA and SBO projects and several EU projects on Internet of Things, smart grid, smart lighting and environmental monitoring.  She plays an active role in development cooperation with Cuba and Vietnam.

"My ultimate goal is to create innovative solutions that are embraced by society and by companies, in close collaboration with PhD, master and bachelor students "

Together with Prof. An Braeken, security expert from INDI, the results of these investigations were brought to a broad consortium and large group of Flemish companies through 5 TETRA projects.  Our sensing and actuation testbeds allow detailed performance evaluation of Medium Access Control and Radio Duty Cycling protocols as well as the quantification of the overhead related to security protocols and interoperability frameworks such as oneM2M.

Since 2021 we collaborate with the ICU-UZB, headed by Prof. J. Poelaert in a new living lab initiative related to wearable medical devices for wireless monitoring of inpatients to outpatients at home and colleagues. layered encrypted data access for further multi-modal data processing.

Research Interests 

We design, build and evaluate Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks.

Our activities are centred around:

  • IoT connection and interworking with edge and cloud
  • Design of new low power Medium Access and Radio Duty Cycling protocols
  • Routing and application layer protocols for IoT
  • IP Multicast for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
  • Securing IoT networks
  • Cloud and edge orchestration techniques, multi-cloud, serverless computing
  • Securing IoT/Edge/Cloud systems in particular for medical and vehicular technology applications
  • Performance evaluation by using testbeds and simulation
Achievements (Honors & Awards) 
  • ITEA Achievement Award gold medal in 2010 for ESNA project led by SICS in which we were partner.
  • IEEE Comsoc member
  • ACM member
  • EAI member