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Summary: Wireless system for monitoring the neuromuscular blockade of patients and their vital physiological parameters during surgery, with the extension towards generic wireless monitoring systems of patients within and outside the hospital.

The current operational conditions of using neuromuscular monitors are cumbersome: poor user friendliness and a lack of a wireless setups and practically no clinical decision support systems are in place. Unfortunately, these cumbersome operational conditions are also valid for other monitoring practices as well (e.g. blood pressure, oxygen saturation, ECG etc). The need for a wireless and user-friendly operating environment for anesthesiologists has been expressed by numerous international calls and is considered as the future of operating theatres. By extension these needs are also valid for vital signal monitoring in hospital wards and for outpatients. This project serves as an ideal use case to explore the possibilities of future monitoring practices within anesthesia and surgery. The main objective is to arrive at a wireless operating theatre, where AI-driven decision support systems guide and assist anaesthesiologists and surgeons alike with their clinical tasks. In this respect, the current project also fits entirely with the vision of the new Green Energy Park (GEP), to develop and test new medical-technical infrastructure with a focus on the interaction between technology and medical activities