Initiative details
Initiative description 
During the festival, visitors to our stand can get acquainted with the basics of
photoplethysmography (PPG). This light-based technology is used in
medical devices, and even on smartwatches, to determine physiological parameters.
A series of interactive demonstrations will be available to show the principles and the
basis of this technology. Through this interaction, the visitors
their own physiological parameters in a safe and non-invasive way
extract while understanding the limitations of the technology.
- Play Ping-Pong with your heart
- Remote PPG: Webcams can see more than you think.
- PPG EduKit: An open-source, open-hardware educational Kit
- Visualize your heart rate, stress or blood oxygen level
- 3D print your heart`s signal
- Photoplethysmography and contact force: examine your forces
In addition, there will be a soldering workbench during the weekend to give visitors the opportunity
give to build their own devices