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SiO2-based substrates (Borofloat, quartz, …) are essential for a wide range of optical, chemical, sensory, diagnostic and many other applications due to their generally chemically inert nature, optical transparency, dielectric properties, electrophilic nature and suitability to apply a wide range of coatings on. In general, it is desirable to pattern a substrate to create large surface areas forbrchemical interactions or to achieve well-defined flow configurations, so that e.g. novel or improved separation methods can be achieved. While very powerful (Bosch and cryogenic type) deep reaction ion etching processes are at hand for Si, this was until recently unfortunately not the case for SiO2-based materials. With the present proposal, we aim to acquire a new generation etching device that is now capable of anisotropic etching SiO2, but also other materials such as SiNx, SiC, GaN, PZT and Al2O3. The instrument will be the first of its kind in Flanders and one of a few worldwide. It will open the door for not only a wide range of novel applications with available state-of-the-art etching recipes, but we also aim to go beyond the state-ofthe-art in terms of machining (aspect ratio, taper, etch rate, 3D profiles). The instrument will be embedded in abrmicrofabrication facility at VUB with straightforward and transparent access to academia and industry.

Runtime: 2020 - 2024