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Frederik Verbist, Nikos Deligiannis, Shahid Mahmood Satti, Peter Schelkens, Adrian Munteanu

EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

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To provide low-complexity encoding for video in unidirectional or offline compression scenarios, this paper proposes an efficient feedback-channel-free distributed video coding architecture featuring a novel encoder-driven rate control scheme in tandem with a designated mode selection process. To this end, the encoder features a novel low-complexity motion estimation technique to approximate the side-information (SI) available at the decoder. Then, a SI-dependent correlation channel estimation between the approximated SI and the original frames is used to derive the theoretically required rate for successful Slepian-Wolf (SW) decoding. Based on the evaluation of the expected trade-off between the estimated required coding rate and the estimated distortion outcome, a novel encoder-side mode decision module assigns a different coding mode to distinct portions of the coded frames. In this context, skip, intra and SW coding modes are supported. To reduce the effect of underestimation, the final SW rate is adjusted upwards using a novel rate formula. Additionally, a successive SI refinement technique is exploited at the decoder to decrease the number of SW decoding failures. Experimental results illustrate the benefit of the different coding options and show similar or superior compression performance with respect to the feedback-based DISCOVER benchmark system. Finally, the low-complexity encoding characteristics of the proposed system are confirmed, as well as the beneficial impact of the proposed scheme on the decoding complexity.