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K. Denecker, Dimitri Van De Ville, Frederik Habils, I. Lemahieu, Adrian Munteanu

International Congress on Imaging Science, ICPS 1998, Antwerp, Belgium, September 7-11, 1998

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Recently, new applications such as printing on demand and personalized printing have arisen where lossless halftone image compression can be useful for increasing transmission speed and lowering storage costs. Using the state-of-the-art lossless bilevel image compression scheme JBIG, best results are obtained in sequential mode with one adaptive pixel. Unfortunately, this method does not fully exploit the periodic image characteristics of classical halftones. We present an improvement on this context modeling scheme by adapting the context template to the special structure of the halftone image. Our fast close-to-optimal approach is based on the autocorrelation of a part of the image. Increasing the order of the model produces an additional gain in compression. To achieve high throughput, we have developed a fast software implementation and preliminary designed a hardware module for the adaptive context modeling stage.