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Gobinath Jegannathan, Hans Ingelberts, Sven Boulanger, Thomas Lapauw, Thomas Van den Dries, Volodymyr Seliuchenko, Maarten Kuijk

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

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This review paper presents an assortment of research on a family of photodetectors which use the same base mechanism, current assistance, for the operation. Current assistance is used to create a drift field in the semiconductor, more specifically silicon, in order to improve the bandwidth and the quantum efficiency. Based on the detector and application, the drift field can be static or modulated. Applications include 3D imaging (both direct and indirect time-of-flight), optical receivers and fluorescence lifetime imaging. This work discusses the current-assistance principle, the various photodetectors using this principle and a comparison is made with other state-of-the-art pho-todetectors used for the same application.

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