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Takashi Nishitsuji, David Blinder, Takashi Kakue, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, Peter Schelkens, Tomoyoshi Ito

Optics Express

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The heavy computational burden of computer-generated holograms (CGHs) has been a significant issue for three-dimensional (3D) display systems using electro-holography. Recently, fast CGH calculation methods of line-drawn objects for electro-holography were proposed, which are targeted for holography-based augmented reality/virtual reality devices because of their ability to project object contours in space with a small computational load. However, these methods still face shortcomings, namely, they cannot draw arbitrary curves with graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration, which is an obstacle for replaying highly expressive and complex 3D images. In this paper, we propose an effective algorithm for calculating arbitrary line-drawn objects at layers of different depths suitable for implementation of GPU. By combining the integral calculation of wave propagation with an algebraic solution, we successfully calculated CGHs of 1, 920?×?1, 080 pixels within 1.1 ms on an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080Ti GPU.

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