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E. Simoen, P. C. Hsu, K. Takakura, O. Syshchyk, A. Vais, H. Yu, Bertrand Parvais, N. Collaert, C. Claeys

239th ECS Meeting with the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, IMCS 2021 - High Purity and High Mobility Semiconductors 16

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Optimization of heterogeneous epitaxial techniques such as aspect ratio trapping and nano-ridge engineering strongly triggered the commercial breakthrough of III-V on Si devices for a variety of applications in fields like optoelectronics, lighting, telecommunication, power devices, RF circuitry etc. To achieve high device performance defect engineering is crucial to avoid increased leakage current, lifetime degradation and/or increased low frequency noise. The aim of this review is to discuss the present understanding of defects in III-V materials and devices and their impact on the device performance. This is illustrated by analyzing three important types of devices, including In x Ga 1-x As p + n diodes, GaN/AlGaN/Si transistors (MOSFETs, HEMTs and MOSHEMTs) and GaAs/InGaP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBTs). It will be pointed out that by an appropriate defect control the further development of the monolithic III-V integration on Si will not be hampered and is facing a bright future.

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